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Hepatic function and fibrinolysis in patients with hereditary angioedemaundergoing long-term treatment with tranexamic acid 1-gen-1978 A. AgostoniB. MarasiniM. CicardiL. UzielM. Pietrogrande + Article (author) -
Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) during long-term bypass : incidence and clinical relevance 1-gen-1986 L. D. UzielM. CugnoA. AgostoniL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Statistical evaluation of commonly used tests for heparin monitoring 1-gen-1986 M. CugnoL. D. UzielA. Agostoni + Article (author) -
Evaluation of tests for heparin control during long-term extracorporeal circulation 1-mar-1986 L. D. UzielM. CugnoA. Agostoni + Article (author) -
Problemi di emocoagulazione in corso di circolazione extracorporea a lungo termine 1-set-1986 A. AgostoniL. D. UzielM. Cugno + Article (author) -
Profilassi eparinica nelle coagulopatie da derivazione peritoneogiugulare 1-gen-1988 M. CugnoE. OpocherL. D. Uziel + Article (author) -
Profilassi eparina nelle coagulopatie da derivazione peritoneo-giugulare 1-gen-1988 M. CugnoE. OpocherL.D. Uziel + Article (author) -
Haemostasis contact system and fibrinolysis in hereditary angioedema (C1-inhibitor deficiency) 1-lug-1988 M. CugnoL. C. BergamaschiniL. D. UzielM. CicardiA. Agostoni + Article (author) -
Fibrinolytic response in normal subjects to venous occlusion and DDAVP infusion 1-dic-1989 M. CugnoL. D. UzielB. BottassoA. Agostoni + Article (author) -
Physiopathology and management of coagulation during long-term extracorporeal respiratory assistance 1-mag-1990 L. D. UzielM. CugnoA. PesentiL. GattinoniA. Agostoni + Article (author) -
t-PA activity elicited by venous occlusion or DDAVP infusion does not produce plasmin activity in normal subjects 15-set-1990 M. CugnoL. D. UzielB. Bottasso + Article (author) -
Extracorporeal circulation in sheep with normal bleeding time using a surface heparinized circuit 1-gen-1991 M. CugnoA. PesentiL. D. UzielL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Dose-dense R-CHOP-14 supported by pegfilgrastim in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma : a phase II study of feasibility and toxicity 1-gen-2006 L. Uziel + Article (author) -
Vinorelbine and prednisone in frail elderly patients with intermediate-high grade non-Hodgkin's lymphomas 1-mar-2006 L. Uziel + Article (author) -
Primary nodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma : clinical features and prognostic assessment of a rare disease 1-gen-2007 L.D. Uziel + Article (author) -
Do elderly cancer patients achieve an adequate dose intensity in common clinical practice? 1-gen-2007 A. LucianiMARUSSI, DESIREASCIONE, GILDAFERRARI, DANIELEL. UzielS. ZonatoP. Foa + Article (author) -
Variations in clinical presentation, frequency of hemophagocytosis and clinical behavior of intravascular lymphoma diagnosed in different geographical regions 1-apr-2007 L.D. UzielU. Gianelli + Article (author) -
Prolonged survival of an HIV-infected subject with severe lymphoproliferative disease and rhinocerebral mucormycosis 1-lug-2007 M. BongiovanniR. RanieriC. CodecàTARTARO, TIZIANAL.D. Uziel + Article (author) -
Fratture vertebrali multiple in pazienti con AIDS dopo inizio della HAART 14-nov-2007 L. PietrograndeL. GazzolaL.D.. UzielA. D'Arminio. Monforte + Conference Object -
Vertebral fractures in AIDS patients within 6 months from highly active antiretroviral therapy initiation : two case reports 1-gen-2008 L. GazzolaL. PietrograndeL. D. UzielP. CicconiM. CasanaA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
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