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Bone diseases associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection: pathogenesis, risk factors and clinical management 1-giu-2006 M. BongiovanniC. Tincati Article (author) -
FoxP3 mRNA Expression in Regulatory T Cells from Patients with Tuberculosis 1-ago-2006 L. GazzolaC. TincatiA. GoriF. Zanini + Article (author) -
Treatment interruptions in HIV-infected subjects 1-set-2006 C. TincatiA. D’Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Subclinical hypothyroidism in HIV-infected subjects 1-nov-2006 M. BongiovanniF. TordatoC. TincatiP. CicconiA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Clinical effect of interleukin-2 (IL-2) immuno-adjuvant treatment in HIV+ advanced naïve patients 1-gen-2008 C. TincatiM. CesariF. BaiM. GalliA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Early impairment of gut function and gut flora supporting a role for alteration of gastrointestinal mucosa in human immunodeficiency virus pathogenesis 1-gen-2008 A. GoriC. TincatiG. MarchettiM. Clerici + Article (author) -
The challenge of IL-2 Immunotherapy in HIV Disease : “No through Road” or turning point? 1-gen-2008 G. MarchettiC. TincatiA. d'Arminio MonforteA. Gori Article (author) -
Untangling the immunological implications of nadir on CD4+ cell recovery during suppressive highly active antiretroviral therapy 1-gen-2008 L. FerrarisG.M. BellistriC. TincatiM. GalliA. d’Arminio MonforteA. GoriG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
Sudden cardiac death in a young HIV-positive man on effective antiretroviral therapy 1-gen-2008 C. TincatiD. BauerG.M. BellistrìM. CasanaG. MarchettiA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Recent acquired STD and the use of HAART in the Italian Cohort of Naive for Antiretrovirals (I.Co.N.A): analysis of the incidence of newly acquired hepatitis B infection and syphilis 1-feb-2008 P. CicconiC. TincatiA. D’Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Insulin resistance affects early virologic response in HIV-infected subjects treated for hepatitis C infection 1-feb-2008 M. BongiovanniR. RanieriM. CasanaF. TordatoP. CicconiC. TincatiA. D'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Serum alpha-Fetoprotein levels predict early virologic response in HIV-positive subjects treated for chronic hepatitis C 1-lug-2008 M. BongiovanniC. TincatiM. CasanaG. MarchettiA. d’Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Microbial translocation is associated with sustained failure in CD4+ T-cell reconstitution in HIV-infected patients on long-term highly active antiretroviral therapy 1-ott-2008 G. MarchettiG.M. BellistrìE. BorghiC. TincatiS. FerramoscaM. La FrancescaG. MoraceA. GoriA. D'Arminio Monforte Article (author) -
Abacavir and cardiovascular risk in HIV-infected patients: does T-lymphocyte hyperactivation exert a pathogenic role? 1-dic-2008 G. MarchettiM. CasanaC. TincatiG. M. BellistrìA. d’Arminio Monforte Article (author) -
Early initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy fails to reverse immunovirological abnormalities in gut-associated lymphoid tissue induced by acute HIV infection 1-gen-2009 C. TincatiM. BiasinA. BanderaM.B. ViolinG.C. MarchettiL. PiacentiniG. VagoC. BalottaM. MoroniM.S. ClericiA. Gori + Article (author) -
Immunological mechanisms of interleukin-2 (IL-2) treatment in HIV/AIDS disease 1-gen-2009 C. TincatiA. d'Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti Article (author) -
The absence of CD4+ T cell count recovery despite receipt of virologically suppressive highly active antiretroviral therapy : clinical risk, immunological gaps, and therapeutic options 1-feb-2009 L. GazzolaC. TincatiG.M. BellistrìA. d’Arminio MonforteG.C. Marchetti Article (author) -
CD8+ hyperactivation and senescence correlate with early carotid intima-media thickness in HIV+ patients with no cardiovascular disease 15-ago-2009 C. TincatiG.M. BellistrìM. CasanaE. MerliniL. ComiF. BaiA. D’Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
IL-2 immunotherapy to recently HIV-1 infected adults maintains the numbers of IL-17 expressing CD4+ T (TH17) cells in the periphery 1-gen-2010 C. Tincati + Article (author) -
A Comprehensive Ex Vivo Functional Analysis of Human NKT Cells Reveals Production of MIP1-alpha and MIP1-beta, a Lack of IL-17, and a Th1-Bias in Males 1-gen-2010 C. Tincati + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 81
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