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Comparison of different methods to estimate genetic ancestry and control for stratification in genome-wide association studies 3-giu-2008 E. SalviG. GuffantiF. TorriS. LupoliC. BarlassinaD. CusiF. Macciardi + Conference Object -
A two-stage genome-wide association study of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 15-apr-2009 F. MacciardiF. TorriS. Lupoli + Article (author) -
Diverse evolutionary histories for beta-adrenoreceptor genes in humans 1-lug-2009 R.A. CaglianiM. FumagalliRIVA, SILVIAG.P. ComiTORRI, FEDERICAF. MacciardiN. BresolinM. Sironi + Article (author) -
Loss of mismatched HLA in leukemia after stem-cell transplantation 30-lug-2009 C. BarlassinaF. Torri + Article (author) -
Fine mapping of AHI1 as a schizophrenia susceptibility gene: from association to evolutionary evidence 1-gen-2010 F. TorriS. LupoliE. SalviF. Macciardi + Article (author) -
Yet another bioinformatic pipeline for the detection of structural variants from next generation sequencing data 1-ott-2010 G. PrazzoliF. TorriF. ZambelliF. MacciardiG. Pavesi Conference Object -
Applications of the pipeline environment for visual informatics and genomics computations 1-gen-2011 F. TorriF. Macciardi + Article (author) -
Next generation sequence analysis and computational genomics using graphical pipeline workflows 1-gen-2012 F. TorriF. Macciardi + Article (author) -
Analysis of miR-137 expression and rs1625579 in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex 1-gen-2013 I. GuellaF. TorriF. Macciardi + Article (author) -
Increased CNV-Region deletions in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) subjects in the ADNI sample 1-gen-2013 F. TorriF. Macciardi + Article (author) -
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