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Anti-rPru p 3 IgE levels are inversely related to the age at onset of peach-induced severe symptoms reported by peach-allergic adults 1-gen-2013 E.A. PastorelloC. StafylarakiA. MascheriL. PrimavesiM. Piantanida + Article (author) -
Baseline tryptase levels are related to age, total IgE, and anti-rPru p 3 IgE levels in peach-allergic patients 1-gen-2013 E.A. PastorelloSCIBILIA, GRAZIAA. MascheriC. StafylarakiL. Balossi + Article (author) -
Rice allergy demonstrated by double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge in peach-allergic patients is related to lipid transfer protein reactivity 1-gen-2013 E.A. PastorelloL. PrimavesiA. MascheriM. PiantanidaC. Stafylaraki + Article (author) -
Fennel allergy is a lipid-transfer protein (LTP)-related food hypersensitivity associated with peach allergy 23-gen-2013 E.A. PastorelloC. StafylarakiA. MascheriM. PiantanidaL. Primavesi + Article (author) -
Serum tryptase : a new biomarker in patients with acute coronary syndrome? 14-gen-2014 E. PastorelloM. Di BiaseC. Stafylaraki + Article (author) -
Wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis caused by a lipid transfer protein and not by ω-5 gliadin 1-apr-2014 E.A. PastorelloC. StafylarakiA. Mascheri + Article (author) -
Identification of risk factors of severe hypersensitivity reactions in general anaesthesia 1-gen-2015 A. MascheriG. MicarelliL.G. BalossiM.G. AversanoC. StafylarakiE.A. Pastorello + Article (author) -
Accuracy of a questionnaire for identifying respiratory allergies in epidemiological studies 1-mar-2015 R. PedottiI. TramacereC. StafylarakiA. MascheriE.A. Pastorello + Article (author) -
Anti-amoxicillin immunoglobulin E, histamine-2 receptor antagonist therapy and mast cell activation syndrome are risk factors for amoxicillin anaphylaxis 6-mag-2015 E. PastorelloC. StafylarakiM. AversanoA. MascheriV. Ortolani + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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