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Electrochemistry of new thiophene containing organic sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells 1-set-2014 L. VigliantiP.R. MussiniE. LonghiA. BolzoniE. LicandroS. Maiorana + Conference Object -
Electrochemical investigations of heteroarylethylene class and of related conducting films 1-set-2014 L. VigliantiA. BolzoniP.R. MussiniE. LicandroS. Maiorana + Conference Object -
Arterial microanastomoses on the reverse flow of the internal carotid artery reverse flow: an extreme solution in free-flap revascularisation : how we do it 1-ott-2014 A. BajA. BolzoniS. TorrettaL. Pignataro Article (author) -
Stair ascent and descent in assessing donor site morbidity following osteocutaneous free fibula transfer : a preliminary study 1-gen-2015 A. BajN. LovecchioA. BolzoniA. MapelliA.B. GiannìC. Sforza Article (author) -
Evaluation of three-dimensional mandibular movements after reconstruction with free fibula flap 1-gen-2015 A. BolzoniA. MapelliA. BajF.V. SidequerskyA.B. GiannìC. Sforza Article (author) -
Free flap loss caused by heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (HITT) : a case report and literature review = Trombocitopenia eparino-indotta e trombosi (HITT): Una causa sottostimata di fallimento di lembi liberi : Case report e revisione della letteratura 1-gen-2016 A. R. BolzoniC. BasergaA. Baj + Article (author) -
Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia: a report of six cases 1-gen-2017 M. RomanoG. PorcelliniA. BolzoniA. B. GiannìA. Baj + Article (author) -
Cone-morse implant connection system significantly reduces bacterial leakage between implant and abutment : an in vitro study 1-gen-2017 A. BajA. BolzoniRUSSILLO, ANTONIOA. B. Giannì + Article (author) -
Utilizzo del lembo libero di fibula nella ricostruzione di interventi demolitivi del cavo orale = Reconstruction of oral cavity with free fibula flaps after complex composite demolitions 1-gen-2017 G.A. BeltraminiM. ZagoA.R. BolzoniD. CiprandiA. BajA. Gianni'C. Sforza + Article (author) -
Bacterial colonization of the implant-abutment interface of conical connection with an internal octagon: an in vitro study using real-time PCR 1-apr-2017 A. BajG. A. BeltraminiA. BolzoniA. PalmieriA. B. Giannì + Article (author) -
Cinematica del cammino dopo allestimento di lembo libero di fibula 1-mag-2017 G.A. BeltraminiA. BolzoniD. CiprandiA.B. GiannìM. ZagoC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Nasal reconstruction: our experience 1-giu-2017 A. BajA. RussilloA. BolzoniA. B. GiannìG. A. Beltramini + Article (author) -
New medical and surgical findings in multidisciplinary approach of gorlin-goltz syndrome 1-gen-2018 Russillo A.Beltramini G. A.Romano M.Baserga C.Bolzoni A. R. + Article (author) -
Fibula free flap pedicle ossification : experience of two centres and a review of the literature 1-set-2018 BASERGA, CAMILLAA. R. BolzoniG. A. BeltraminiA. BajA. B. Giannì + Article (author) -
Impact of reconstructive microsurgery on patients with cancer of the head and neck : a prospective study of quality of life, particularly in older patients 1-nov-2018 Bolzoni, A RGiannì, A BBaj, ABeltramini, G A + Article (author) -
Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Versus Conventional Free Fibula Flap Reconstruction in Benign Mandibular Lesions: An Italian Cost Analysis 1-gen-2019 Bolzoni A. R.Beltramini G. A.Gianni A. B.Baj A. + Article (author) -
A novel integrated platform for the identification of surgical margins in oral squamous cell carcinoma: results from a prospective single-institution series 1-gen-2019 Baj, AlessandroFusco, NicolaBolzoni, AlessandroCarioli, DanielaFaversani, AliceBresciani, LorenzoCapaccio, Pasquale + Article (author) -
Donor-site morbidity following osteocutaneous free fibula transfer: longitudinal analysis of gait performance 1-mar-2019 Zago, MatteoBeltramini, Giada A.Pallotta, Maria LudovicaBolzoni, AlessandroBaj, AlessandroGianni', A. B.Sforza, Chiarella + Article (author) -
A multicenter survey on computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing mandibular reconstruction from Italian community 1-ott-2019 Bolzoni A. R.Baj A. + Article (author) -
Gabapentin affects the expression of inflammatory mediators on healthy gingival cells 1-ott-2019 Candotto V.Gianni A. B.Bolzoni A. + Article (author) -
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