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Differences among array, fast array, and high-definition scan modes in bone mineral density measurement at dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry on a phantom 1-gen-2013 M. BandiraliC. MessinaL. SconfienzaF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Bone mineral density differences between femurs of scoliotic patients undergoing dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry 1-gen-2013 M. BandiraliC. MessinaL. SconfienzaF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Dose Absorption in Lumbar and Femoral Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Examinations Using Three Different Scan Modalities : An Anthropomorphic Phantom Study 1-gen-2013 M. BandiraliE. LanzaC. MessinaL.M. SconfienzaF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Spine bone texture assessed by trabecular bone score (TBS) to evaluate bone health in Thalassemia major 1-gen-2014 S. SerafinoS. SeghezziA. MarconF. GiardaC. MessinaM.D. Cappellini + Article (author) -
Measurement of vertebral bone marrow lipid profile at 1.5-T proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and bone mineral density at dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry: correlation in a swine model 1-gen-2014 M. BandiraliC. MessinaF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Segmentation of cardiac magnetic resonance cine images of single ventricle: including or excluding the accessorial ventricle? 7-mag-2014 F. SecchiE.C. RestaM. PetriniC. MessinaF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Quiste discal de columnalumbar. Hallazgos en resonanciamagnética, correlaciónhistológica e hipótesis de patogénesis 1-ott-2014 Giardino A.Messina C.Sardanelli F. + Article (author) -
A new diagnostic score to detect osteoporosis in patients undergoing lumbar spine MRI 1-gen-2015 M. BandiraliG.D.E. PapiniC. MessinaL.M. SconfienzaF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Reproducibility of trabecular bone score with different scan modes using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry: a phantom study 1-gen-2015 Bandirali M.Messina C.Sardanelli F. + Article (author) -
Dynamic high-resolution ultrasound of the shoulder : how we do it 1-gen-2015 C. MessinaL.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
Prevalence and type of errors in dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry 1-mag-2015 C. MessinaM. BandiraliL.M. SconfienzaN.K. D’AlonzoG.D.E. PapiniF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Short-term precision assessment of trabecular bone score and bone mineral density using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry with different scan modes: an in vivo study 1-lug-2015 M. BandiraliA. PoloniL.M. SconfienzaC. MessinaG.D.E. PapiniM. PetriniF. Sardanelli + Article (author) -
Do we still need fluoroscopy to perform injections in the musculoskeletal system? 1-gen-2016 C. MessinaL.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
Ultrasound-guided procedures to treat sport-related muscle injuries 1-gen-2016 C. MessinaL.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
Ultrasound guidance to perform intra-articular injection of gadolinium-based contrast material for magnetic resonance arthrography as an alternative to fluoroscopy : the time is now 1-gen-2016 C. MessinaG. BanfiG. MauriF. SecchiF. SardanelliL.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
Ultrasound-guided interventional procedures around the shoulder 1-gen-2016 C. MessinaG. MauriF. SecchiL.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
In-vivo axial-strain sonoelastography helps distinguish acutely-inflamed from fibrotic terminal ileum strictures in patients with Crohn's disease : preliminary results 1-apr-2016 L.M. SconfienzaF. CavallaroL. PastorelliG. TontiniL. PescatoriA. EsseridouC. MessinaF. SardanelliM. Vecchi + Article (author) -
Adult Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry in Clinical Practice : How I Report it 1-lug-2016 C. MessinaL.M. SconfienzaM. Bandirali + Article (author) -
Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry body composition in patients with secondary osteoporosis 1-ago-2016 C. MessinaMONACO, CRISTIAN GIUSEPPEF. SardanelliL.M. Sconfienza + Article (author) -
Do we still need to take fluoroscopical guidance into account when injecting joints? 17-ago-2016 C. MessinaL.M. Sconfienza Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 148
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