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Contrast-enhanced ultrasound sonography optimises the assessment of lymph nodes in oncology 26-giu-2013 G. PetraliaG. ConteM. Bellomi + Article (author) -
Comparison of whole-body diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance and FDG-PET/CT in the assessment of Hodgkin's lymphoma for staging and treatment response 1-gen-2014 Petralia, GiuseppeConte, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Sarcoidosis with bone involvement mimicking metastatic disease at <sup>18</sup>F-FDG PET/CT : Problem solving by diffusion whole-body MRI 1-mag-2015 G. ConteF. ZugniM. BellomiG. Petralia + Article (author) -
Variability of forebrain commissures in callosal agenesis: A prenatal MR imaging study 1-gen-2016 Cesaretti C.Nanni M.Ghi T.Conte G.Grisolia G.Righini A. + Article (author) -
The role of ultrasound-guided transcutaneous tru-cut biopsy in diagnosing untreated and recurrent laryngo-hypopharyngeal masses 1-gen-2016 G. ConteL. BonelloM. Bellomi + Article (author) -
Expanding the spectrum of human ganglionic eminence region anomalies on fetal magnetic resonance imaging. 1-mar-2016 RIGHINI, ANNA MARIACESARETTI, CLAUDIAG. ConteG. BulfamanteL. Avagliano + Article (author) -
Prenatal detection of 5q14.3 duplication including MEF2C and brain phenotype 1-mag-2016 C. CesarettiA. RighiniG. ConteG. BulfamanteL. Avagliano + Article (author) -
Clinical findings in a patient with FARS2 mutations and early-infantile-encephalopathy with epilepsy 1-nov-2016 G. ConteD. Ghezzi + Article (author) -
Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and oropharynx : what does the apparent diffusion coefficient tell us about its histology? 1-nov-2016 L. BonelloG. ConteC. GiannittoS. RaimondiM. Bellomi + Article (author) -
Combining standardized uptake value of FDG-PET and apparent diffusion coefficient of DW-MRI improves risk stratification in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 1-dic-2016 G. ConteL. BonelloC. GiannittoS. RaimondiF. RujuM. Bellomi + Article (author) -
Flat panel angiography in the cross-sectional imaging of the temporal bone: Assessment of image quality and radiation dose compared with a 64-section multisection CT scanner 1-gen-2017 Conte G.Calloni S.Campoleoni M.Di Berardino F.Triulzi F. + Article (author) -
Diagnostic accuracy of surface coil MRI in assessing cartilaginous invasion in laryngeal tumours: Do we need contrast-agent administration? 1-gen-2017 G. ConteS. RaimondiM. Bellomi + Article (author) -
MR Imaging in Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss : Time to Talk 25-mag-2017 G. ConteF. Di BerardinoL. GainiP. CapaccioF. Triulzi + Article (author) -
"Malattia di Ménière: nuovi trend diagnostici e terapeutici 1-set-2017 Di Berardino FSocci MConte G + Conference Object -
Signal intensity change on unenhanced T1-weighted images in dentate nucleus and globus pallidus after multiple administrations of gadoxetate disodium: an intraindividual comparative study 1-ott-2017 G. ConteS. RaimondiM. MinottiDE PIANO, FRANCESCAG. PetraliaM. Bellomi + Article (author) -
High resolution post-mortem MRI of non-fixed in situ foetal brain in the second trimester of gestation: Normal foetal brain development 1-gen-2018 Conte, G.Cinnante, C. M.Persico, N.Triulzi, F. + Article (author) -
Multiparametric MR imaging of Parkinsonisms at 3 tesla : Its role in the differentiation of idiopathic Parkinson's disease versus atypical Parkinsonian disorders 1-gen-2018 Calloni S. F.Conte G.Sbaraini S.Triulzi F. M. + Article (author) -
Prenatal brain MR imaging : reference linear biometric centiles between 20 and 24 gestational weeks 1-gen-2018 Conte G.Triulzi F.Doneda C.Zolin A. + Article (author) -
The 'full-blown' MRI of sudden hearing loss: 3D FLAIR in a patient with bilateral metastases in the internal auditory canals 1-feb-2018 G. ConteF. Di BerardinoE. IofridaF. Triulzi + Article (author) -
Brain-injured survivors of monochorionic twin pregnancies complicated by single intrauterine Death : MR findings in a multicenter study 1-ago-2018 Conte G.Persico N.Doneda C.Triulzi F. + Article (author) -
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