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Effect of patient selection on estimate of reproductive success after surgery for rectovaginal endometriosis : literature review 1-gen-2012 P. VercelliniG. BarbaraL. BuggioM. FrattaruoloE. SomiglianaL. Fedele Article (author) -
You are so beautiful : Behind women's attractiveness towards the biology of reproduction : a narrative review 1-ott-2012 L. BuggioP. VercelliniE. SomiglianaP. ViganòM.P. FrattaruoloL. Fedele Article (author) -
I Can't Get No Satisfaction : deep dyspareunia and sexual functioning in women with rectovaginal endometriosis 1-dic-2012 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaL. BuggioG. BarbaraM.P. FrattaruoloL. Fedele Article (author) -
Long-term adjuvant therapy for the prevention of postoperative endometrioma recurrence : a systematic review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2013 P. VercelliniS. De MatteisE. SomiglianaL. BuggioM.P. FrattaruoloL. Fedele Article (author) -
Role of surgery in endometriosis-associated subfertility 1-mar-2013 N. BerlandaP. VercelliniE. SomiglianaM.P. FrattaruoloL. BuggioU. Gattei Article (author) -
Surgical versus low-dose progestin treatment for endometriosis-associated severe deep dyspareunia II : Effect on sexual functioning, psychological status and health-related quality of life 1-mag-2013 P. VercelliniM.P. FrattaruoloE. SomiglianaD. AlbericoL. Fedele + Article (author) -
Uterine adenomyosis and in vitro fertilization outcome: a systematic review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2014 P. VercelliniM.P. FrattaruoloE. Somigliana + Article (author) -
Serum anti-mullerian hormone in reproductive aged women with benign ovarian cysts 1-gen-2014 E. SomiglianaM.P. FrattaruoloN. BerlandaL. FedeleP. Vercellini + Article (author) -
Adenomyosis and reproductive performance after surgery for rectovaginal and colorectal endometriosis : a systematic review and meta-analysis 4-mar-2014 P. VercelliniG. BarbaraL. BuggioM.P. FrattaruoloE. Somigliana + Article (author) -
Exploring the relationship between endometriomas and infertility 1-mar-2015 N. BerlandaD. AlbericoG. BarbaraM.P. FrattaruoloP. Vercellini Article (author) -
Proliferation of gynaecological scientific societies and their financial transparency : an Italian survey 13-gen-2016 P. VercelliniP. ViganòM.P. FrattaruoloE. Somigliana Article (author) -
When love hurts : A systematic review on the effects of endometriosis surgical and pharmacological treatments on female sexual functioning 30-set-2016 G. BarbaraN. BerlandaM.P. FrattaruoloP. Vercellini + Article (author) -
Self-management and psychological-sexological interventions in patients with endometriosis: strategies, outcomes, and integration into clinical care 1-gen-2017 L. BuggioG. BarbaraM.P. FrattaruoloG. AimiN. Berlanda + Article (author) -
Vaginal rejuvenation : current perspectives 1-gen-2017 G. BarbaraL. BuggioD. AlbericoM. Frattaruolo + Article (author) -
Surgery versus hormonal therapy for deep endometriosis : is it a choice of the physician? 1-feb-2017 BERLANDA, NICOLAE. SomiglianaM.P. FrattaruoloL. BuggioP. Vercellini + Article (author) -
Uterine fibroids : from observational epidemiology to clinical management 1-set-2017 P. VercelliniM.P. Frattaruolo Article (author) -
'Money for nothing' . The role of robotic assisted laparoscopy for the treatment of endometriosis 1-ott-2017 N. BerlandaM.P. FrattaruoloG. AimiFARELLA, MARILENAG. BarbaraL. BuggioP. Vercellini Article (author) -
Oral and depot progestin therapy for endometriosis : Towards a personalized medicine 1-ott-2017 L. BuggioE. SomiglianaG. BarbaraM..P. FrattaruoloP..P. Vercellini Article (author) -
Medical treatment or surgery for colorectal endometriosis? : results of a shared decision-making approach 1-gen-2018 P. VercelliniM.P. FrattaruoloE. Somigliana + Article (author) -
Toward minimally disruptive management of symptomatic endometriosis: reducing low-value care and the burden of treatment 1-gen-2018 P. VercelliniM.P. FrattaruoloL. Buggio Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 33
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