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Espressione di mirna in monociti bovini dopo stimolazione in vitro con challengers infiammatori 1-giu-2010 F. DildaG. GioiaL.F. PisaniL. RestelliF. AlbonicoV. BronzoM. MortarinoP. SartorelliF. Ceciliani Article (author) -
Identification of suitable endogenous controls and differentially expressed microRNAs in canine fresh-frozen and FFPE lymphoma samples 1-ago-2010 M. MortarinoG. GioiaF. AlbonicoP. RoccabiancaFERRI, EMANUELES. Comazzi + Article (author) -
Immunophenotype-related microRNA expression in canine chronic lymphocytic leukemia 15-ago-2011 G. GioiaM. MortarinoF. AlbonicoI. FornoV. MartiniS. Comazzi + Article (author) -
Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharides and Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin B differentially modulate inflammatory microRNAs in bovine monocytes 1-giu-2012 F. DildaG. GioiaL. PisaniL. RestelliC. LecchiF. AlbonicoV. BronzoM. MortarinoF. Ceciliani Article (author) -
The expression ratio of miR-17-5p and miR-155 correlates with grading in canine splenic lymphoma 1-set-2013 F. AlbonicoM. MortarinoG. GioiaS. ComazziP. Roccabianca + Article (author) -
Detection of Dirofilaria immitis in mid-western arid Argentina 1-dic-2013 F. AlbonicoM. MaricontiM. MortarinoC. Genchi + Article (author) -
Epidural dirofilariosis in a paraparetic cat : case report of Dirofilaria immitis infection 1-dic-2013 S. ZanzaniF. AlbonicoM. Manfredi + Article (author) -
Rapid differentiation of dirofilaria immitis and dirofilaria repens in canine peripheral blood by real-time PCR coupled to high resolution melting analysis 1-feb-2014 F. AlbonicoM. LoiaconoG. GioiaC. GenchiM. Mortarino + Article (author) -
High Resolution Melting Analysis coupled to real time PCR for detection and quantification of Nosema ceranae and Nosema apis in honey bees 24-lug-2014 M.LoiaconoF. AlbonicoM. Mortarino + Conference Object -
Identifying the last bloodmeal of questing sheep tick nymphs (Ixodes ricinus L.) using high resolution melting analysis 1-giu-2015 M. ColliniF. AlbonicoM. Mortarino + Article (author) -
MicroRNA expression correlated with hygienic behaviour in honeybees 17-lug-2015 F. Dell’OrcoM. LoiaconoF. AlbonicoG. MinozziG. PagnaccoM. Mortarino Article (author) -
Identification of Ixodes ricinus blood meals using an automated protocol with high resolution melting analysis (HRMA) reveals the importance of domestic dogs as larval tick hosts in Italian alpine forests 1-gen-2016 M. ColliniF. AlbonicoM. Mortarino + Article (author) -
Multiplex PCR assay for the identification of Haemonchus contortus and Teladorsagia circumcincta in alpine chamois (Rupicapra r. rupicapra) 1-giu-2016 N. FormentiF. AlbonicoDELL'ORCO, FRANCESCAM. LoiaconoT. TroguN. FerrariM. MortarinoP. Lanfranchi + Book Part (author) -
Enhanced diagnostic protocol to identify E.coli VTEC from milk filters 7-set-2016 C. GusmaraF. AlbonicoM. LoiaconoT. GugliottaM. MortarinoA. Zecconi Conference Object -
Loss of CD45 cell surface expression in canine T-zone lymphoma results from reduced gene expression 1-gen-2017 V. MartiniM. CozziF. AlbonicoM. MortarinoS. Comazzi + Article (author) -
A new integrated approach to analyze bulk tank milk and raw milk filters for the presence of the E. coli serogroups frequently associated with VTEC status 1-gen-2017 F. AlbonicoC. GusmaraT. GugliottaM. LoiaconoM. MortarinoA. Zecconi Article (author) -
High-resolution melting analysis of gyrA codon 84 and grlA codon 80 mutations conferring resistance to fluoroquinolones in Staphylococcus pseudintermedius isolates from canine clinical samples 1-mag-2017 M. LoiaconoP.A. MartinoF. AlbonicoF. Dell’OrcoM. FerrettiS. ZanzaniM. Mortarino Article (author) -
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia transformation into high-grade lymphoma : A description of Richter's syndrome in eight dogs 1-giu-2017 S. ComazziV. MartiniD. StefanelloF. Albonico + Article (author) -
Effects of herd and physiological status on variation of 16 immunological and inflammatory parameters in dairy cows during drying off and the transition period 1-mag-2018 Alfonso ZecconiFrancesca AlbonicoMaria Elena GelainRenata PiccininiMicaela CipollaMichele Mortarino Article (author) -
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