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Highly stereoselective intramolecular α-arylation of self-stabilized non-racemic enolates : synthesis of α-quaternary α-amino acid derivatives 13-lug-2009 V. LupiF. FoschiGASSA, FEDERICOV. MihaliA. Tagliabue + Article (author) -
3,5-Bis(n-perfluorooctyl)benzyltriethylammonium Bromide (F-TEBA) : an efficient, easily recoverable fluorous catalyst for solid-liquid PTC reactions 1-dic-2009 V. MihaliF. Foschi + Article (author) -
Enantioselective rearrangement of proline sulfonamides: an easy entry to enantiomerically pure α-aryl quaternary prolines 1-gen-2010 F. FoschiD. LandiniV. MihaliA. Tagliabue + Article (author) -
Approach to inherently chiralionic liquids 1-giu-2014 F. SannicolòV.MihaliP. Mussini + Conference Object -
Introducing inherent chirality in electrochemistry : new electrode surfaces with outstanding enantiorecognition properties and new-concept chiral ionic liquids 19-giu-2014 F. SannicolòP.R. MussiniS. ArnaboldiV. Mihali + Conference Object -
Approach to inerently chiral Ionic Liquids 1-lug-2014 F. SannicolòV. MihaliP. Mussini + Conference Object -
Electrochemistry of Inherently Chiral Thiophene-based Materials in Achiral and Chiral Ionic Liquids 1-set-2014 S. ArnaboldiF. SannicolòP.R.MussiniV. Mihali + Conference Object -
Towards inherently chiral Ionic liquids: molecular design strategies and electrochemical properties 1-set-2014 P.R. MussiniF. SannicolòS. ArnaboldiV. Mihali + Conference Object -
Electrochemistry and chirality in Bibenzimidazole systems 1-gen-2015 S. ArnaboldiV. MihaliP. R. MussiniF. Sannicolò + Article (author) -
Chiral electrochemistry : introducing the inherent chirality Concept in ionic liquids 1-giu-2015 F. SannicolòV. MihaliP.R. MussiniS. Arnaboldi* + Conference Object -
Inherently chiral supporting electrolytes and ionic liquids 1-set-2015 S. ArnaboldiP.R. MussiniV. MihaliF. Sannicolò + Conference Object -
Implementing inherent chirality in ionic liquids and supporting electrolytes: design strategies, electrochemical properties, enantioselectivity 1-set-2015 F. SannicolòP.R. MussiniS. ArnaboldiV. Mihali + Conference Object -
Achieving chiral electroanalysis on achiral electrodes in innovative "inherently chiral" media 1-feb-2016 S. ArnaboldiV. MihaliP.R. MussiniF. Sannicolò + Conference Object -
"Inherently Chiral" Ionic Liquids: New Media for Chiral Voltammetry 1-lug-2016 F. Sannicolo'P.R. MussiniS. ArnaboldiV. Mihali + Conference Object -
Application of the "Inherent Chirality" Concept to Ionic Liquids Design: Effective Chiral Electroanalysis on Achiral Electrodes 1-lug-2016 S. ArnaboldiV. Mihali + Conference Object -
A breakthrough in the design of chiral ionic liquids: synthesis and application of "inherently chiral" ionic liquids" 1-set-2016 S. ArnaboldiV. MihaliPatrizia Romana MussiniF. Sannicolo' + Conference Object -
Achieving Chiral Electroanalysis on Achiral Electrodes in "Inherently Chiral" Ionic Liquid Media 1-set-2016 P.R. MussiniS. ArnaboldiV. MihaliF. Sannicolo' + Conference Object -
"Inherently Chiral" Ionic Liquids Achieving effective chiral electroanalysis on achiral electrodes 1-set-2016 S. ArnaboldiV. MihaliP..R. MussiniF. Sannicolò + Conference Object -
Back Cover: “Inherently Chiral” Ionic-Liquid Media: Effective Chiral Electroanalysis on Achiral Electrodes 1-gen-2017 S. ArnaboldiV. MihaliA. ForniP. R. MussiniF. Sannicolò + Article (author) -
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