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The role of myomectomy in fertility enhancement 1-ago-2008 E. SomiglianaP.P. VercelliniL. BenagliaA. AbbiatiG. BarbaraL. Fedele Article (author) -
The effect of second line surgery on reproductive performance of women with recurrent endometriosis : a systematic review 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaP. ViganòS. De MatteisG. BarbaraL. Fedele Article (author) -
Medical treatment for rectovaginal endometriosis : what is the evidence? 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniP.G. CrosignaniE. SomiglianaG. BarbaraL. Fedele + Article (author) -
Treatment of endometriosis-related pain: options and outcomes 1-gen-2009 E. SomiglianaG. BarbaraP. Vercellini + Article (author) -
The second time around : reproductive performance after repetitive versus primary surgery for endometriosis 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaR. DaguatiG. BarbaraA. AbbiatiL. Fedele Article (author) -
Chronic pelvic pain in women : etiology, pathogenesis and diagnostic approach 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaA. AbbiatiG. BarbaraL. Fedele + Article (author) -
Surgery for deep endometriosis : a pathogenesis oriented approach 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniL. CarmignaniG. BarbaraA. AbbiatiL. Fedele + Article (author) -
Repetitive surgery for recurrent symptomatic endometriosis : what to do? 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniG. BarbaraA. AbbiatiE. SomiglianaL. Fedele + Article (author) -
Endometriosis: current therapies and new pharmacological developments 1-gen-2009 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaP. ViganòA. AbbiatiG. BarbaraP. G. Crosignani Article (author) -
Surgery for endometriosis-associated infertility : a pragmatic approach 1-feb-2009 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaP. ViganòA. AbbiatiG. BarbaraP.G. Crosignani Article (author) -
'Blood On The Tracks' from corpora lutea to endometriomas 1-feb-2009 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaP. ViganoA. AbbiatiG. BarbaraL. Fedele Article (author) -
Medical, surgical and alternative treatments for chronic pelvic pain in women: a descriptive review 1-apr-2009 P. VercelliniP. ViganòE. SomiglianaA. AbbiatiG. BarbaraL. Fedele Article (author) -
The use and effectiveness of in vitro fertilization in women with endometriosis : the surgeon's perspective 1-mag-2009 E. SomiglianaR. DaguatiP.P. VercelliniG. BarbaraL. BenagliaP.G. Crosignani Article (author) -
Comparison of contraceptive ring and patch for the treatment of symptomatic endometriosis 1-mag-2010 P.P. VercelliniG. BarbaraE. SomiglianaS. BianchiA. AbbiatiL. Fedele Article (author) -
Post-operative endometriosis recurrence : a plea for prevention based on pathogenetic, epidemiological and clinical evidence 1-ago-2010 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaP. ViganòS. De MatteisG. BarbaraL. Fedele Article (author) -
Effect of patient selection on estimate of reproductive success after surgery for rectovaginal endometriosis : literature review 1-gen-2012 P. VercelliniG. BarbaraL. BuggioM. FrattaruoloE. SomiglianaL. Fedele Article (author) -
I Can't Get No Satisfaction : deep dyspareunia and sexual functioning in women with rectovaginal endometriosis 1-dic-2012 P. VercelliniE. SomiglianaL. BuggioG. BarbaraM.P. FrattaruoloL. Fedele Article (author) -
Adenomyosis and reproductive performance after surgery for rectovaginal and colorectal endometriosis : a systematic review and meta-analysis 4-mar-2014 P. VercelliniG. BarbaraL. BuggioM.P. FrattaruoloE. Somigliana + Article (author) -
Exploring the relationship between endometriomas and infertility 1-mar-2015 N. BerlandaD. AlbericoG. BarbaraM.P. FrattaruoloP. Vercellini Article (author) -
"Vaginal rejuvenation": comparative effectiveness studies are needed 6-ago-2015 G. BarbaraP. Vercellini + Article (author) -
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