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Bridge with intravenous antiplatelet therapy during temporary withdrawal of oral agents for surgical procedures: a systematic review 1-mar-2014 L. MojaV. RosatoA. SaccoC. La Vecchia + Article (author) -
Real-world application of currently available decision models for dual antiplatelet therapy duration in acute coronary syndrome 1-giu-2018 Morici, NucciaSacco, AliceOreglia, Jacopo A. + Article (author) -
Management of cardiogenic shock in acute decompensated chronic heart failure: The ALTSHOCK phase II clinical trial 1-ott-2018 Morici, NucciaSacco, AliceLa Vecchia, Carlo + Article (author) -
Recurrent stent thrombosis in a patient with acute coronary syndrome and ischemic colitis: between life-threatening thrombosis and life-threatening bleeding 1-gen-2019 Morici, NucciaSacco, AliceOreglia, Jacopo ACattaneo, Marco + Article (author) -
Acute myocardial infarction complicating ischemic stroke: is there room for cangrelor? 1-gen-2019 Morici, NucciaSacco, AliceOreglia, Jacopo + Article (author) -
Use of PRECISE-DAPT Score and Admission Platelet Count to Predict Mortality Risk in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome 1-ott-2019 Morici, NucciaBertuccio, PaolaSacco, AliceLombardi, FedericoOreglia, Jacopo ALa Vecchia, CarloCattaneo, Marco + Article (author) -
Impact of admission serum acid uric levels on in-hospital outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndrome 1-gen-2020 Simone PersampieriLudovico SabatelliGiulia FerranteAlice SaccoStefano Carugo + Article (author) -
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