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The effect of different water regimes on the evolution of organic matter in rice-soil 25-giu-2007 V. OrziF. TamboneF. Adani + Book Part (author) -
Assessing amendment and fertilizing properties of digestates from anaerobic digestion through a comparative study with digested sludge and compost 1-gen-2010 F. TamboneB. ScagliaG. D’ImporzanoA. SchievanoV. OrziS. SalatiF. Adani Article (author) -
Aerobic solid-state processes to mitigate greenhouses gas emission in municipal solid waste management 1-gen-2010 B. SCAGLIAV. ORZIF. ADANI Book Part (author) -
Potential odour emission measurement in organic fraction of municipal solid waste during anaerobic digestion : relationship with process and biological stability parameters 1-gen-2010 V. OrziG. D’ImporzanoF. Adani + Article (author) -
Con sottoprodotti e scarti meno costi di rifornimento 1-gen-2011 A. SchievanoV. OrziG. D’ImporzanoF. Adani Article (author) -
On-field study of anaerobic digestion full-scale plants (Part II) : New approaches in monitoring and evaluating process efficiency 1-gen-2011 A. SchievanoG. D’ImporzanoV. OrziF. Adani Article (author) -
Odours and volatile organic compounds emitted from municipal solid waste at different stage of decomposition and relationship with biological stability 1-gen-2011 B. ScagliaV. OrziF. Adani + Article (author) -
Dalla digestione anaerobica fertilizzanti davvero “rinnovabili” 1-gen-2012 V. ORZIA. SCHIEVANOC. LEDDAF. ADANI. + Article (author) -
L’uso del digestato in campo sostituisce i concimi chimici 1-gen-2013 V. OrziM. AcutisF. Adani + Article (author) -
Use of digestate as fertilizer : environmental aspects 1-gen-2014 V. OrziC. RivaS. LonatiF. Adani + Book Part (author) -
Biogas from dedicated energy crops in Northern Italy : electric energy generation costs 1-gen-2014 A. SchievanoG. D'ImporzanoV. OrziT. MaggioreF. Adani + Article (author) -
Digestato: concime ideale se ad alto tenore ammoniacale 6-nov-2014 C. RivaS. LonatiV. OrziF. Adani Article (author) -
Comparison of different pretreatments for the production of bioethanol and biomethane from corn stover and switchgrass 1-gen-2015 G. PapaA. SchievanoV. OrziF. Adani + Article (author) -
The role of biological processes in reducing both odor impact and pathogen content during mesophilic anaerobic digestion 1-gen-2015 V. OrziB. ScagliaS. LonatiC. RivaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Short-term experiments in using digestate products as substitutes for mineral (N) fertilizer : agronomic performance, odours, and ammonia emission impacts 1-gen-2016 Orzi, V.Carozzi, M.Acutis, M.Tambone, F.D'Imporzano, G.Adani, F. + Article (author) -
Solid and liquid fractionation of digestate: Mass balance, chemical characterization, and agronomic and environmental value 1-nov-2017 F. TamboneV. OrziG. D'ImporzanoF. Adani Article (author) -
Anaerobic digestion coupled with digestate injection reduced odour emissions from soil during manure distribution 1-gen-2018 Orzi, V.Scaglia, B.D'Imporzano, G.Tambone, F.Adani, F. + Article (author) -
Potential agronomic and environmental properties of thermophilic anaerobically digested municipal sewage sludge measured by an unsupervised and a supervised chemometric approach 1-gen-2018 Scaglia, BarbaraTambone, FulviaCorno, LucaOrzi, ValentinaAdani, Fabrizio + Article (author) -
Life Vitisom, la concimazione organica a rateo variabile 7-mag-2018 isabella ghiglienofabrizio adanifloriana bedussidavide facchinettivalentina orzidomenico pessinaleonardo valenti + Article (author) -
Measuring the organic amendment properties of the liquid fraction of digestate 1-apr-2019 Fulvia TamboneValentina OrziMassimo ZilioFabrizio Adani Article (author) -
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