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A total synthesis of mycophenolic acid 1-gen-1971 E. SantanielloC. Scolastico + Article (author) -
A total synthesis of mycophenolic acid, some analogues and some biogenetic intermediates 1-gen-1972 E. SantanielloC. Scolastico + Article (author) -
The oxidation of aromatic anils with lead tetraacetate 1-gen-1972 E. SantanielloC. Scolastico + Article (author) -
Biosynthesis of mycophenolic acid 1-gen-1972 E. SantanielloC. Scolastico + Article (author) -
Preparation of 19 hydroxypregnenolone 3 acetate and 3 methyl ether 1-gen-1975 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Chirality of 3 hydroxyoctadecanoic acid from stearoyl CoA by rat liver soluble enzymes 1-gen-1975 G.M. CighettiE. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Reduction of certain steroidal 19-sulfonic esters with metal hydrides 1-gen-1976 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
β Oxidative cleavage of octanoyl and dodecanoyl CoA in rat liver cytoplasm 1-gen-1976 G. CighettiE. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Use of Zn-Cu couple in the Reformatsky reaction 1-gen-1977 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Reaction of saturated (5α- and 5β-) 19-hydroxy steroids with mixed phosphorus and halogen containing reagents 1-gen-1977 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Evaluation of gamma-hydroxybutyrate formed from L-glutamate by mouse brain homogenate 1-gen-1978 E.SantanielloA.Manzocchi + Article (author) -
Biosynthesis of estrogens. Assignment of the chemical shift of the 19-pro-chiral hydrogen atoms of a 19-hydroxy precursor 1-gen-1978 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Chromic acid adsorbed on silica gel: an oxidant for primary and secondary hydroxy compounds 1-gen-1978 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
The preparation of long chain-hydroxyacyl thiol esters: 3-hydroxyoctadecanoyl-CoA 1-gen-1978 E. SantanielloA. ManzocchiG.Cighetti + Article (author) -
Reduction of carbonyl compounds by sodium borohydride adsorbed on alumina 1-gen-1978 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Rearrangements od steroidal neopentyl systems. A-Homosteroids from 19-hydroxy-5-alpha-androstane 1-gen-1978 E. Santaniello Article (author) -
Stereochemical course of the decarboxylation of (S)-glutamic acid by glutamate decarboxylase from Escherichia coli (E.C. 1-gen-1979 E. SantanielloA. ManzocchiE. Bosisio + Article (author) -
A ready synthesis of some N-substituted 3-alkoxycarbonyl-2-pyrrolinones 1-gen-1979 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
N-Alkylation of pyrrole and indole catalyzed by crown-ethers 1-gen-1979 E. Santaniello + Article (author) -
Polyetylene Glycols as host solvents: applications to organic synthesis 1-gen-1979 E.SantanielloA.Manzocchi + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 203
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