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Four models of the functional contribution of mirror systems 1-gen-2011 Michael J. Article (author) -
Interactionism and Mindreading 1-gen-2011 Michael J. Article (author) -
Shared Emotions and Joint Action 1-gen-2011 Michael J. Article (author) -
Judgments about side effects of actions are distinct from judgments about the actions themselves 1-gen-2011 Michael J. Article (author) -
Gestural coupling and social cognition: Möbius Syndrome as a case study 1-gen-2012 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Mirror systems and simulation: A neo-empiricist interpretation 1-gen-2012 Michael J. Article (author) -
Interaction and social cognition: A comment on Auvray et al.'s perceptual crossing paradigm 1-gen-2012 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Applying the causal theory of reference to intentional concepts 1-gen-2013 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Continuous Theta-Burst Stimulation Demonstrates a Causal Role of Premotor Homunculus in Action Understanding 1-gen-2014 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Towards a Consensus About the Role of Empathy in Interpersonal Understanding 1-gen-2014 Michael J. Article (author) -
(How) Can robots make commitments? A pragmatic approach 1-gen-2014 Michael J. + Book Part (author) -
Unconvincing statistical and functional inferences: Reply to Catmur 1-gen-2014 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Mindreading as social expertise 1-gen-2014 Michael J. + Article (author) -
What (if anything) is shared in pain empathy? a critical discussion of De Vignemont and Jacob's theory of the neural substrate of pain empathy 1-gen-2014 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Mental Actions and Mental Agency 1-gen-2015 Fiebich A.Michael J. Article (author) -
Why Desire Reasoning is Developmentally Prior to Belief Reasoning 1-gen-2015 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Domain-specific and domain-general processes in social perception - A complementary approach 1-gen-2015 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Putting unicepts to work: a teleosemantic perspective on the infant mindreading puzzle 1-gen-2015 Michael J. Article (author) -
Synchronised and complementary coordination mechanisms in an asymmetric joint aiming task 1-gen-2015 Michael J. + Article (author) -
The interactive turn in social cognition research: A critique 1-gen-2015 Michael J. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 73
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