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Testing van der Waals interactions with quantum dynamics : Repulsive anisotropy and well depth in the LiH+He system 1-gen-2000 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Applications of a variational coupled-electron pair approach to the calculation of intermolecular interaction in the framework of the VB theory : Study of the van der Waals complex He–CH[sub 4] 22-ott-2000 FAMULARI, ANTONINOR. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Spatial Energetics of Protonated LiH : Lower-Lying Potential Energy Surfaces from Valence Bond Calculations 28-dic-2000 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Reactive Behavior of the [LiH2]+System I. Evaluation of the Lower-lying Electronic Potentials for the Collinear Geometries 1-gen-2001 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Possible reaction paths in the LiH+2 chemistry: a computational analysis of the interaction forces 1-gen-2001 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
A multireference valence bond approach to electronic excited states 15-ago-2001 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Computed orientational anisotropy and vibrational couplings for the LiH + H interaction potential 1-set-2001 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Recent developments of the SCVB method 1-gen-2002 M. SironiM. RaimondiR. Martinazzo + Book Part (author) -
Valence Bond Theory : determinantal methods 1-gen-2003 MAURIZIO SIRONIMARIO RAIMONDI + Book Part (author) -
The Benzene/Water/Hexafluorobenzene Complex: A Computational Study 1-gen-2003 M. RaimondiCALDERONI, GABRIELE MARIAL. RaimondiF. Cozzi + Article (author) -
Determination of extremely localized molecular orbitals and their application to quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics methods and to the study of intramolecular hydrogen bonding 1-gen-2003 A. ForniliM. SironiM. Raimondi Article (author) -
Three-dimensional reactive surfaces for the LiH+ system : an analysis of accurate ab-initio results 15-feb-2003 R. MartinazzoM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Potential energy surface, bound states, and rotational inelastic cross sections of the He-CH4 system: A theoretical investigation 1-gen-2004 G. CalderoniF. CargnoniR. MartinazzoM. Raimondi Article (author) -
The electronic structure of nitrilimine: absence of the carbenic form 1-gen-2006 F. CargnoniG. MolteniM. Raimondi + Article (author) -
Da biomassa ad energia : tecnologia ad idrogeno da bioetanolo 1-gen-2008 I. RossettiL. ForniG.F. TantardiniG. FaitaM. Raimondi Conference Object -
From biomass to energy : hydrogen-based technology by bio-ethanol reforming 1-gen-2009 I. RossettiC. BiffiG. FaitaG. F. TantardiniM. RaimondiL. Forni Conference Object -
From biomass to energy: H2 based technology from bioethanol 1-gen-2009 I. RossettiC. BiffiG. FaitaM. RaimondiG.F. TantardiniL. Forni Book Part (author) -
5 KWE + 5 KWT PEM-FC generator from bioethanol: fuel processor and development of new reforming 1-gen-2011 I. RossettiC. BiffiL. ForniG.F. TantardiniG. FaitaM. Raimondi + Book Part (author) -
5 kWe + 5 kWt PEMFC generator from bioethanol: a demonstrative project 1-gen-2012 I. RossettiC. BiffiL. ForniG.F. TantardiniG. FaitaM. Raimondi + Conference Object -
5kWe+5kWt reformer-PEMFC energy generator from bioethanol first data on the fuel processor from a demonstrative project 1-mag-2012 I. RossettiC. BiffiG.F. TantardiniRAIMONDI, MARIO + Article (author) -
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