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Bacterial Community Structure Associated with the Rhizosphere of Cirsium arvense in an Italian Arsenic-Contaminated Soil 1-gen-2008 V. AndreoniC. RomagnoliR. ZanchiM. ColomboL. CavalcaE. Canzi + Article (author) -
Effects of a long-term mercury contamination on soil biological properties as assessed by combined chemical, biochemical, ecotoxicological and molecular methods 1-gen-2008 M. ColomboROMAGNOLI, CRISTINAV. Andreoni + Article (author) -
Isolation and characterization of arsenate reducing proteobacterium 1-gen-2008 A. CorsiniC. RomagnoliV. Andreoni + Conference Object -
Bacterial community structure associated with the rhizosphere of Cirsium arvense in an Italian arsenic-contaminated soil 1-nov-2008 C. RomagnoliR. ZanchiBACHATE, SACHIN PRABHAKARM. ColomboL. CavalcaE. CanziV. Andreoni + Book Part (author) -
Analysis of rhizobacteria involved in arsenic cycle associated with a spontaneous grass plant growing on an arsenic polluted soil 1-gen-2009 C. RomagnoliM. ColomboR. ZanchiL. CavalcaE. CanziV. Andreoni Article (author) -
Integrated characterization of Gardermoen airport soil contaminated by propylenglycol and formate 15-set-2009 C. RomagnoliL. CavalcaV. Andreoni + Conference Object -
Arsenic-resistant bacteria associated with roots of the wild Cirsium arvense (L.) plant from an arsenic polluted soil, and screening of potential plant growth-promoting characteristics 1-apr-2010 L. CavalcaR. ZanchiA. CorsiniM. ColomboC. RomagnoliE CanziV. Andreoni Article (author) -
Arsenite oxidation in Ancylobacter dichloromethanicus As3-1b strain: Detection of genes involved in arsenite oxidation and CO 2 fixation 1-ago-2012 V. AndreoniR. ZanchiL. CavalcaA. CorsiniC. RomagnoliE. Canzi Article (author) -
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