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Highly regioselective control of 1,2-addition of organolithiums to α,β-unsaturated compounds promoted by lithium bromide in 2-methyltetrahydrofuran : A facile and eco-friendly access to allylic alcohols and amines 8-apr-2011 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Highly chemoselective synthesis of aryl allylic sulfoxides through calcium hypobromite oxidation of aryl allylic sulfides 22-feb-2012 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Robust eco-friendly protocol for the preparation of γ-hydroxy- α,β-acetylenic esters by sequential one-pot elimination-addition of 2-bromoacrylates to aldehydes promoted by LTMP in 2-MeTHF 1-lug-2012 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
2-Methyltetrahydrofuran (2-MeTHF) : A biomass-derived solvent with broad application in organic chemistry 7-ago-2012 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Chemoselective oxidative hydrolysis of EWG protected α-arylamino vinyl bromides to α-arylamino-α′-bromoacetones 5-giu-2013 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
α-amino-α'-halomethylketones : Synthetic methodologies and pharmaceutical applications as serine and cysteine protease inhibitors 1-lug-2013 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Synthesis of α,β-unsaturated α′-haloketones through the chemoselective addition of halomethyllithiums to Weinreb amides 2-ago-2013 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Addition of lithium carbenoids to isocyanates : A direct access to synthetically useful N-substituted 2-haloacetamides 1-set-2013 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Chemoselective additions of chloromethyllithium carbenoid to cyclic enones: A direct access to chloromethyl allylic alcohols 26-mag-2014 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Homologation of isocyanates with lithium carbenoids: A straightforward access to α-halomethyl- and α,α-dihalomethylamides [Homologation of Isocyanates with Lithium Carbenoids: A Straightforward Access to alpha-Halomethyl- and alpha,alpha-Dihalomethylamides] 1-nov-2014 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Eco-friendly chemoselective N-functionalization of isatins mediated by supported KF in 2-MeTHF 1-gen-2015 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Chemoselective efficient synthesis of functionalized β-oxonitriles through cyanomethylation of Weinreb amides 21-feb-2015 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
A Robust, Eco-Friendly Access to Secondary Thioamides through the Addition of Organolithium Reagents to Isothiocyanates in Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether (CPME) 28-ott-2015 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Chemoselective Addition of Halomethyllithiums to Functionalized Isatins:A Straightforward Access to Spiro-Epoxyoxindoles 5-gen-2016 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Isocyanates and isothiocyanates as versatile platforms for accessing (thio)amide-type compounds 20-lug-2016 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Recent advancements on the use of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran in organometallic chemistry 7-dic-2016 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
New Perspectives in Lithium Carbenoid Mediated Homologations 1-mag-2017 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrazoles containing pyridinyl substituents 12-mag-2017 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Evidence and isolation of tetrahedral intermediates formed upon the addition of lithium carbenoids to Weinreb amides and: N -acylpyrroles 4-set-2017 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
Efficient Access to All-Carbon Quaternary and Tertiary α-Functionalized Homoallyl-type Aldehydes from Ketones 2-ott-2017 Castoldi L. + Article (author) -
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