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Microbial degradation of aliphatic branched compounds: Isobutyric, 2,2-dimethylmalonic and 2,2-dimethylsuccinic acids 1-gen-1968 E. GalliD. CatelaniC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Induction of 1,2- and 2,3-diphenol oxygenases in Pseudomonas desmolyticum 1-gen-1968 E. GalliD. CatelaniC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Microbial degradation of aromatic hydrocarbons used as reactor coolants 1-gen-1970 D. CatelaniC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
The metabolism of biphenyl by Pseudomonas putida 1-gen-1971 D. CatelaniC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Metabolism of biphenyl. 2 Hydroxy 6 oxo 6 phenylhexa 2,4 dienoate: the meta cleavage product from 2,3 dihydroxybiphenyl by Pseudomonas putida 1-gen-1973 D. CatelaniA. ColombiC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Metabolism of quaternary carbon compounds : 2,2-dimethylheptane and terbutylbenzene 1-gen-1977 CATELANI, DANILO ETTORE MARIAA. ColombiC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Degradation of a nylon polyamide fabric by Fusarium sp. [Deterioramento di un tessuto di nailon poliamidico da Fusarium sp.] 1-gen-1983 BAGGI, GRAZIAC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Prevalance of oxygen-intolerant methanogenic bacteria in feces and anaerobic wastes 1-gen-1983 C. SorliniA. Ferrari + Article (author) -
Red Stains on the Certosa of Pavia : A case of biodeterioration 1-gen-1986 C. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Polluted deposition in Milan and in the district of Varese [LE DEPOSIZIONI INQUINATE A MILANO E NELLA PROVINCIA DI VARESE] 1-gen-1986 C. SorliniV. Andreoni + Article (author) -
Plenty of return acid [TANTO ACIDO DI RITORNO] 1-gen-1986 C. SorliniV. Andreoni + Article (author) -
A note on the removal of fecal bacteria in cattle slurry after different farm and laboratory treatments 1-gen-1987 C. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Microbiological deterioration of Gambara's frescoes exposed to open air in Brescia, Italy 1-mar-1987 C.Sorlini + Article (author) -
Quantitative determination of methanogenic bacteria in the feces of different mammals 1-gen-1988 C. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Digestion of animal slurries: technological, chemical, microbiological, and managerial aspects. 1-gen-1989 C. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Microbiological aspects of anaerobic digestion of swine slurry in upflow fixed-bed digesters with different packing materials 1-gen-1990 C. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Anaerobic digestion of wastes containing pyrolignitic acids 1-gen-1990 V. AndreoniD. DaffonchioC. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Fattyacidsmonitoring in the anaerobicdepuration of oliveoilmill wastewater 1-gen-1990 C. Sorlini + Article (author) -
Anaerobic Treatment of Effluents : Use of Bioindicators for Process Monitoring 1-gen-1991 C. Sorlini Book Part (author) -
Research on Chromatic Alterations of Marbles from the Certosa of Pavia. Note II 1-gen-1991 C. SorliniS. BruniE. CesarottiG. Fortina + Article (author) -
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