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Glomerular podocytes contain neuron-like functional synaptic vesicles 1-mag-2006 S. BerraL.A. GiardinoM. Pesaresi + Article (author) -
Ketamine induces structural and functional alterations of the glomerular filtration barrier in podocytes 1-giu-2009 L. GiardinoS. BerraP. Messa + Article (author) -
α- and β-Adducin polymorphisms affect podocyte proteins and proteinuria in rodents and decline of renal function in human IgA nephropathy 1-feb-2010 D.M. CusiM.C. BarlassinaM.P. RastaldiF. MacciardiL.A.E. GiardinoP. Ferrari + Article (author) -
Podocytes: Recent biomolecular developments 1-gen-2014 Giardino, LauraMessa, Piergiorgio + Article (author) -
Application of retinoic acid to obtain osteocytes cultures from primary mouse osteoblasts 1-gen-2014 Messa, PiergiorgioMondini, AnnaGiardino, Laura + Article (author) -
BDNF repairs podocyte damage by microRNA-mediated increase of actin polymerization 1-apr-2015 S. BerraL. GiardinoC. AgostoniP. Messa + Article (author) -
Three-dimensional podocyte-endothelial cell co-cultures: Assembly, validation, and application to drug testing and intercellular signaling studies 1-gen-2016 Parazzi, ValentinaGiardino, LauraMessa, Piergiorgio + Article (author) -
FGF23-regulated production of Fetuin-A (AHSG) in osteocytes 1-dic-2016 Giardino, L. A.Alfieri, C. M.Regalia, A.Messa, P. + Article (author) -
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