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Bengamides and Related New Amino Acid Derivatives from the New Caledonian Marine SpongeJaspis carteri 1-gen-1997 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Crellastatin A :  a Cytotoxic Bis-Steroid Sulfate from the Vanuatu Marine Sponge Crella sp. 1-gen-1998 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Isolation and structural elucidation of the crellastatins I-M: cytotoxic bis-steroid derivatives from the vanuatu marine sponge Crella sp 1-gen-1999 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
New Jaspamide Derivatives from the Marine Sponge Jaspis splendans Collected in Vanuatu 1-gen-1999 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Isolation and structural elucidation of crellastatins B-H : Cytotoxic bis(steroid) derivatives from the Vanuatu marine sponge Crella sp 1-gen-1999 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Dysidotronic acid, a new and selective human phospholipase A2 inhibitor from the sponge Dysidea sp. 1-gen-2000 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Dysidotronic acid, a new sesquiterpenoid, inhibits cytokine production and the expression of nitric oxide synthase 1-gen-2001 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
New Sesquiterpene Derivatives from the Sponge Dysidea Species with a Selective Inhibitor Profile against Human Phospholipase A2 and Other Leukocyte Functions 1-gen-2001 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Amphiasterins : a new family of cytotoxic metabolites from the marine sponge Plakortis quasiamphiaster 1-gen-2001 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Halipeptins A and B :  Two Novel Potent Anti-inflammatory Cyclic Depsipeptides from the Vanuatu Marine Sponge Haliclona species 1-gen-2001 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
Synthesis of the first chiral PNA monomer labeled with a Fischer-type carbene complex 1-gen-2003 S. MaioranaE. LicandroD. PerdicchiaC. Giannini + Article (author) -
A new 'one-pot' synthesis of hydrazides by reduction of hydrazones 1-gen-2003 D. PerdicchiaE. LicandroM. MaioranaC. Giannini + Article (author) -
A convenient procedure for the synthesis of tetrathia-[7]-helicene and the selective α-functionalization of its terminal thiophene ring 1-gen-2003 S. MaioranaE. LicandroR. AnnunziataD. PerdicchiaC. Giannini + Article (author) -
Modulatory effect of bolinaquinone, a marine sesquiterpenoid, on acute and chronic inflammatory processes 1-gen-2003 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
The AXH module : an independently folded domain common to ataxin-1 and HBP1 1-gen-2003 C. Giannini + Article (author) -
High diastereoselective Michael and aldol additions of Fischer-type alkyl(hydrazino)carbene complexes: synthesis of new hydrazides 1-mag-2003 E. LicandroD. PerdicchiaS. MaioranaC. Giannini + Article (author) -
A Thymine-PNA Monomer as New Isocyanide Component in the Ugi Reaction: A Direct Entry to PNA Dimers 1-gen-2004 C. GianniniE. LicandroS. MaioranaG. Zinzalla + Article (author) -
Utilizzo di polivinilpirrolidone (PVP) funzionalizzato come supporto polimerico per la sintesi organica e di molecole biologicamente attive 1-gen-2005 L. FalciolaP. FerrutiC. GianniniS. MaioranaP. Mussini + Book Part (author) -
A Novel and Efficient Approach to (Z)-1,2-Bis(benzodithienyl)ethene Precursor of Tetrathia[7]helicenes 1-gen-2005 C. GianniniE. LicandroS. MaioranaD. Perdicchia + Article (author) -
The Metal-Conjugated Peptide Nucleic Acid Challenge 1-gen-2005 P. CereaC. GianniniE. LicandroS. Maiorana + Article (author) -
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