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A two-stage cyber attack detection and classification system for smart grids 1-dic-2023 Mauri, LaraDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Deep Learning Approaches for Vulnerable Road Users Safety 1-ott-2023 Bellandi, VDamiani, E + Article (author) -
Robust ML model ensembles via risk-driven anti-clustering of training data 1-lug-2023 Lara MauriBruno ApolloniErnesto Damiani Article (author) -
Securing Machine Learning Models: Notions and Open Issues 1-lug-2023 Lara MauriErnesto Damiani Book Part (author) -
A holistic and proactive approach to forecasting cyber threats 17-mag-2023 Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Blockchain-Based Trustworthy O2O Interaction in the Next 6G Ecosystem 1-gen-2023 Damiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
Explainable Data Poison Attacks on Human Emotion Evaluation Systems Based on EEG Signals 1-gen-2023 Ernesto DamianiClaudio Agostino ArdagnaNicola Bena + Article (author) -
Counseling (ro)bot as a use case for 5G/6G 1-ott-2022 Anisetti, MarcoDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
A methodology to engineering continuous monitoring of intrinsic capacity for elderly people 1-ott-2022 Bellandi, ValerioCeravolo, PaoloDamiani, ErnestoMaghool, SamiraCesari, Matteo + Article (author) -
Validating Vector-Label Propagation for Graph Embedding 1-set-2022 V. BellandiE. DamianiS. MaghoolF. Negri + Book Part (author) -
Modeling Threats to AI-ML Systems Using STRIDE 1-set-2022 LARA MAURIernesto damiani Article (author) -
A Trust and Reputation System for IoT Service Interactions 1-set-2022 Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
A security certification scheme for Information-Centric Networks 1-set-2022 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio A.Berto, FilippoDamiani, Ernesto Article (author) -
Evaluation Goals for Online Process Mining: a Concept Drift Perspective 1-lug-2022 Ceravolo, PaoloMarques Tavares, GabrielDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Estimating Degradation of Machine Learning Data Assets 1-giu-2022 Mauri, LaraDamiani, Ernesto Article (author) -
Training future it leaders in a collaborative and multicultural setting 1-gen-2022 Damiani, ErnestoCimato, Stelvio + Book Part (author) -
Fostering student entrepreneurship mindset through the embedding of international student teams into start-ips and the sudy of company-driven open questions 1-gen-2022 Damiani, ErnestoCimato, Stelvio + Book Part (author) -
Neuro-Symbolic AI for Sensor-based Human Performance Prediction: System Architectures and Applications 1-gen-2022 I. F. Fernandes RamosG. GianiniE. Damiani Book Part (author) -
Set-Based Counterfactuals in Partial Classification 1-gen-2022 Gianini, GabrieleLin, JianyiMio, CorradoDamiani, Ernesto Book Part (author) -
Untangling the XRP Ledger: Insights and Analysis 1-gen-2022 Mauri, LaraCimato, StelvioDamiani, Ernesto Book Part (author) -
Inter-rater Agreement Based Risk Assessment Scheme for ICT Corporates 1-gen-2022 Gianini G.Anisetti M.Bellandi V.Damiani E. + Book Part (author) -
Knowledge-Based Legal Document Retrieval: A Case Study on Italian Civil Court Decisions 1-gen-2022 Bellandi V.Castano S.Ceravolo P.Damiani E.Ferrara A.Montanelli S.Picascia S.Polimeno A.Riva D. Book Part (author) -
Real-time probing of control-flow and data-flow in event logs 1-gen-2022 Ceravolo, PaoloDamiani, ErnestoTavares, Gabriel Marques + Article (author) -
Smart Healthcare, IoT and Machine Learning: A Complete Survey 1-gen-2022 Bellandi V.Ceravolo P.Damiani E.Siccardi S. Book Part (author) -
Agent-Based Vector-Label Propagation for Explaining Social Network Structures 1-gen-2022 Valerio BellandiPaolo CeravoloErnesto DamianiSamira Maghool Book Part (author) -
Selecting Optimal Trace Clustering Pipelines with Meta-learning 1-gen-2022 G. Marques TavaresDamiani E.Ceravolo P. + Book Part (author) -
A Modelling Framework for Evidence-based Public Health Policy Making 1-gen-2022 Anisetti M.Damiani E. + Article (author) -
Big Multimodal Data Analysis: Models and Performance Analysis 1-gen-2022 Valerio BellandiErnesto Damiani + Article (author) -
Automating Process Discovery Through Meta-learning 1-gen-2022 G. Marques TavaresErnesto Damiani + Book Part (author) -
Conceptual modeling in the era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence : Research topics and introduction to the special issue 1-set-2021 Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service: Bridging the gap between security experts and data scientists 1-lug-2021 Ardagna C. A.Bellandi V.Damiani E. + Article (author) -
Robust computationally-efficient wireless emitter classification using autoencoders and convolutional neural networks 1-apr-2021 Gianini G.Damiani E. + Article (author) -
Model-based Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service : Take Big Data to the Next Level 1-mar-2021 Ardagna, Claudio AgostinoBellandi, ValerioCeravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Blockchain-based reputation systems: Implementation challenges and mitigation 1-feb-2021 Damiani E. + Article (author) -
A trust assurance technique for Internet of things based on human behavior compliance 1-feb-2021 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio AgostinoDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Ontology based recommender system using social network data 1-feb-2021 Ceravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Certification-Based Cloud Adaptation 1-gen-2021 Ardagna, Claudio AgostinoDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Towards the definition of an information quality metric for information fusion models 1-gen-2021 Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Editorial: Special issue on trusted Cloud-Edges computations 1-gen-2021 Claudio A. ArdagnaErnesto Damiani + Article (author) -
Towards a Trustworthy Semantic-Aware Marketplace for Interoperable Cloud Services 1-gen-2021 Cimato, StelvioDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
The Simplification Conspiracy 1-gen-2021 Apolloni, BrunoDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
From Low-Level-Event-Logs to High-Level-Business-Process-Model-Activities: An Advanced Framework based on Machine Learning and Flexible BPMN Model Translation 1-gen-2021 Ernesto Damiani + Book Part (author) -
An Assurance Framework and Process for Hybrid Systems 1-gen-2021 Anisetti M.Ardagna C. A.Bena N.Damiani E. Book Part (author) -
Rules-based process mining to discover PLM system processes 1-gen-2021 Azzini A.Ceravolo P.Damiani E. + Article (author) -
Evaluating Trace Encoding Methods in Process Mining 1-gen-2021 Paolo CeravoloErnesto DamianiGabriel Marques Tavares + Book Part (author) -
Securing machine learning algorithms 1-gen-2021 Ernesto Damiani + Book (author) -
Guest Editorial : QoS and security in software for wireless and mobile micro-services 1-gen-2021 Gianini G.Damiani E. + Article (author) -
STRIDE-AI: An Approach to Identifying Vulnerabilities of Machine Learning Assets 1-gen-2021 Mauri, LaraDamiani, Ernesto Book Part (author) -
Dynamic and Scalable Enforcement of Access Control Policies for Big Data 1-gen-2021 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio A.Braghin, ChiaraDamiani, ErnestoPolimeno, Antongiacomo + Book Part (author) -
Security Certification Scheme for Content-centric Networks 1-gen-2021 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio A.Berto, FilippoDamiani, Ernesto Book Part (author) -
Smart connected parking lots based on secured multimedia IoT devices 1-gen-2021 Gianini, GabrieleDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Privacy-Preserving Big Data Exchange: Models, Issues, Future Research Directions 1-gen-2021 Damiani, E + Book Part (author) -
Engineering Continuous Monitoring of Intrinsic Capacity for Elderly People 1-gen-2021 Valerio BellandiPaolo CeravoloMatteo CesariErnesto DamianiSamira Maghool + Book Part (author) -
Learning Vector Quantization and Radial Basis Function Performance Comparison Based Intrusion Detection System 1-gen-2021 Frati, FulvioDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
The THREAT-ARREST Cyber Range Platform 1-gen-2021 Frati, FulvioBraghin, ChiaraDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
From Trustworthy Data to Trustworthy IoT: A Data Collection Methodology Based on Blockchain 1-dic-2020 Ardagna, Claudio A.Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
A Methodology for Non-Functional Property Evaluation of Machine Learning Models 1-nov-2020 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio A.Damiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
A cryptographic cloud-based approach for the mitigation of the airline cargo cancellation problem 1-apr-2020 Cimato, StelvioGianini, GabrieleSepehri, MaryamDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Managing a pool of rules for credit card fraud detection by a Game Theory based approach 1-gen-2020 Gianini, GabrieleFossi, Leopold GhemmogneMio, CorradoDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Cost-effective deployment of certified cloud composite services 1-gen-2020 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio A.Damiani, ErnestoGaudenzi, Filippo + Article (author) -
A design methodology for matching smart health requirements 1-gen-2020 Valerio BellandiPaolo CeravoloErnesto Damiani + Article (author) -
Designing Process-Centric Blockchain-Based Architectures: A Case Study in e-voting as a Service 1-gen-2020 Ceravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
A Blockchain-based Trustworthy Certification Process for Composite Services 1-gen-2020 Ardagna, CAAnisetti, MDamiani, E + Book Part (author) -
Collective brain surrogates 1-gen-2020 Bruno ApolloniErnesto Damiani Article (author) -
Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Challenges ; Threat Landscape for Artificial Intelligence 1-gen-2020 Ernesto Damiani + Book (author) -
Drone usage and privacy infringement: Review 1-gen-2020 Ernesto Damiani + Article (author) -
What can Machine Learning do for Radio Spectrum Management? 1-gen-2020 Gianini, GabrieleDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
Towards the Monitoring and Evaluation of Trainees’ Activities in Cyber Ranges 1-gen-2020 Braghin, ChiaraCimato, StelvioDamiani, ErnestoFrati, FulvioRiccobene, ElviniaAstaneh, Sadegh Book Part (author) -
Embodiment matters : toward culture-specific robotized counselling 1-gen-2020 Damiani, ErnestoFrati, Fulvio + Article (author) -
MEDES '20: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems 1-gen-2020 Ernesto Damiani + Book (editor) -
Learning simplified functions to understand 1-gen-2020 ernesto damiani + Book Part (author) -
The CDESF toolkit: An introduction 1-gen-2020 Ceravolo P.Damiani E.Marques Tavares G. + Book Part (author) -
Artificial intelligence in deep learning algorithms for multimedia analysis 1-gen-2020 Anisetti M.Damiani E. + Article (author) -
A Model Driven Approach for Cyber Security Scenarios Deployment 1-gen-2020 Braghin, ChiaraCimato, StelvioDamiani, ErnestoFrati, FulvioMauri, LaraRiccobene, Elvinia Book Part (author) -
Be your neighbor's miner: Building trust in ledger content via reciprocally useful work 1-gen-2020 Mauri L.Damiani E.Cimato S. Book Part (author) -
A Formal Approach for the Analysis of the XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol 1-gen-2020 Lara MauriStelvio CimatoErnesto Damiani Book Part (author) -
Stay Thrifty, Stay Secure: A VPN-based Assurance Framework for Hybrid Systems 1-gen-2020 Damiani, ErnestoBena, NicolaArdagna, ClaudioAnisetti, Marco Book Part (author) -
Anomaly Detection on Event Logs with a Scarcity of Labels 1-gen-2020 Ceravolo, PaoloDamiani, ErnestoTavares, Gabriel Marques + Book Part (author) -
Certified Machine-Learning Models 1-gen-2020 e. damianic. ardagna Book Part (author) -
VICA, a visual counseling agent for emotional distress 1-dic-2019 Damiani, ErnestoFrati, Fulvio + Article (author) -
A graph-based meta-model for heterogeneous data management 1-ott-2019 Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
A polling access control with exhaustive service in wireless body area networks for mobile healthcare using the sleeping schema 1-ott-2019 Anisetti, MarcoDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Sampling Online Social Networks with Tailored Mining Strategies 1-ott-2019 Ceravolo, PDamiani, E + Book Part (author) -
Dynamic Access Control to Semantics-Aware Streamed Process Logs 1-set-2019 Leida, MarcelloCeravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Blockchain-Based E-Vote-as-a-Service 1-ago-2019 Ceravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
Overlapping Analytic Stages in Online Process Mining 1-ago-2019 Tavares, Gabriel MarquesCeravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
A new 3D descriptor for human classification : application for human detection in a multi-kinect system 17-apr-2019 Essmaeel, KyisDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Designing a recommender system for touristic activities in a big data as a service platform 1-mar-2019 Bellandi V.Ceravolo P.Damiani E.Tacchini E. Book Part (author) -
Test-based security certification of composite services 1-feb-2019 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, ClaudioDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Towards AI-Powered Multiple Cloud Management 1-feb-2019 Damiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
Performance Analysis of a Polling-Based Access Control Combining with the Sleeping Schema in V2I VANETs for Smart Cities 2-gen-2019 Anisetti, MarcoDamiani, Ernesto + Article (author) -
An OBDD-Based Technique for the Efficient Synthesis of Garbled Circuits 1-gen-2019 Stelvio CimatoValentina CirianiErnesto DamianiMaryam Ehsanpour Book Part (author) -
Making the pedigree to your big data repository: Innovative methods, solutions, and algorithms for supporting big data privacy in distributed settings via data-driven paradigms 1-gen-2019 Damiani E. + Book Part (author) -
Designing smart-contract based auctions 1-gen-2019 C. BraghinS. CimatoE. Damiani + Book Part (author) -
Long-term memory-induced synchronisation can impair collective performance in congested systems 1-gen-2019 Gianini, G.Damiani, E. + Article (author) -
Towards Blockchain-Based E-Voting Systems 1-gen-2019 Braghin C.Cimato S.Damiani E.Mauri L. + Book Part (author) -
Assessing Compliance of Open Data in Politics with European Data Protection Regulation 1-gen-2019 Ceravolo, PaoloDamiani, Ernesto + Book Part (author) -
Embedding a Digital Wallet to Pay-with-a-Selfie, from Functional Requirements to Prototype 1-gen-2019 Damiani, ErnestoCimato, StelvioFrati, Fulvio + Book Part (author) -
A Continuous Certification Methodology for DevOps 1-gen-2019 Anisetti, MarcoArdagna, Claudio A.Gaudenzi, FilippoDamiani, Ernesto Book Part (author) -
A Methodology for Cross-Platform, Event-Driven Big Data Analytics-as-a-Service 1-gen-2019 Ardagna C. A.Bellandi V.Ceravolo P.Damiani E. + Book Part (author) -
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