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The RAG1 homeodomain recruits HMG1 and HMG2 to facilitate recombination signal sequence binding and to enhance the intrinsic DNA-bending activity of RAG1-RAG2 1-gen-1999 Bonaldi T.Beltrame M. + Article (author) -
The double life of HMGB1 chromatin protein: architectural factor and extracellular signal 1-gen-2001 DEGRYSE, BERNARDT. BonaldiM. Beltrame + Article (author) -
Substantial Histone reduction modulates Genomewide nucleosomal occupancy and global transcriptional output 1-gen-2011 M. PaganiT. Bonaldi + Article (author) -
Yin Yang 1 extends the Myc-related transcription factors network in embryonic stem cells 1-gen-2012 P. VellaI. BarozziT. BonaldiD. Pasini + Article (author) -
Cell reprogramming requires silencing of a core subset of polycomb targets 1-gen-2013 G. FragolaP. GermainA. BlasimmeF. GrossE. SignaroldiG. BucciG. PruneriT. BonaldiG. Testa + Article (author) -
Tet Proteins Connect the O-Linked N-acetylglucosamine Transferase Ogt to Chromatin in Embryonic Stem Cells 1-gen-2013 P. VellaA. ScelfoT. BonaldiD. Pasini + Article (author) -
Threshold-controlled ubiquitination of the EGFR directs receptor fate 25-giu-2013 S. SigismundT. BonaldiS. PoloP.P. Di Fiore + Article (author) -
Proteomics meets genetics: SILAC labeling of drosophila melanogaster larvae and cells for in vivo functional studies 1-gen-2014 T. VaccariT. Bonaldi + Book Part (author) -
Polycomb-Dependent H3K27me1 and H3K27me2 Regulate Active Transcription and Enhancer Fidelity 1-gen-2014 K. J. FerrariA. ScelfoI. BarozziT. BonaldiD. Pasini + Article (author) -
DEPDC1B coordinates de-adhesion events and cell-cycle progression at mitosis 24-nov-2014 S. MarchesiT. BonaldiP. Difiore + Article (author) -
MiR-17-92 fine-tunes MYC expression and function to ensure optimal B cell lymphoma growth 1-gen-2015 F. ZambelliG. PavesiT. Bonaldi + Article (author) -
The EGFR-specific antibody cetuximab combined with chemotherapy triggers immunogenic cell death 1-gen-2016 I. SpadoniS. SigismundT. BonaldiP.P. Di FioreM. Rescigno + Article (author) -
The contribution of mass spectrometry-based proteomics to understanding epigenetics 1-gen-2016 Bonaldi T. + Article (author) -
Pathology Tissue-quantitative Mass Spectrometry Analysis to Profile Histone Post-translational Modification Patterns in Patient Samples 1-mar-2016 G. PruneriS. MinucciT. Bonaldi + Article (author) -
Mass-spectrometry analysis of histone post-translational modifications in pathology tissue using the PAT-H-MS approach 1-giu-2016 G. PruneriS. MinucciT. Bonaldi + Article (author) -
Reticulon 3-dependent ER-PM contact sites control EGFR nonclathrin endocytosis 12-mag-2017 MALABARBA, MARIA GRAZIAT. BonaldiS. PoloP.P. Di FioreS. Sigismund + Article (author) -
Chromatin proteomics reveals novel combinatorial histone modification signatures that mark distinct subpopulations of macrophage enhancers 1-dic-2017 M. SoldiL. NicosiaG. SigismondoG. PavesiT. Bonaldi + Article (author) -
Extensive and systematic rewiring of histone post-translational modifications in cancer model systems 1-gen-2018 Miccolo C.Pruneri G.Minucci S.Bonaldi T. + Article (author) -
Zc3h10 is a novel mitochondrial regulator 5-mar-2018 Audano, MatteoPedretti, SilviaBonaldi, TizianaBaragetti, AndreaBonacina, FabriziaCatapano, Alberico LuigiNorata, Giuseppe DaniloCrestani, MaurizioCaruso, DonatellaDe Fabiani, EmmaMitro, Nico + Article (author) -
Proteomics profiling of arginine methylation defines PRMT5 substrate specificity 1-gen-2019 Massignani E.Ippolito M. R.Bonaldi T. + Article (author) -
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