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Transcriptional modulation of transferrin receptor expression by inflammatory and anti-inflammatory signals in macrophages: role of HIF-1 and NF-kB 1-gen-2007 G. CairoC. De PontiE. GammellaS. RecalcatiL. Tacchini + Article (author) -
Cobalamin deficiency-induced down-regulation of p75-immunoreactive cell levels in rat central nervous system 9-lug-2007 E. MuttiD. VeberE. GammellaL. TacchiniG. Scalabrino + Article (author) -
Indirect down-regulation of nuclear NF-kB levels by cobalamin in the spinal cord and liver of the rat 1-mag-2008 D. VeberE. MuttiL. TacchiniE. GammellaG. Scalabrino + Article (author) -
Adenosine-dependent activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 induces late preconditioning in liver cells 1-lug-2008 L. TacchiniC. De PontiE. GammellaG. Cairo + Article (author) -
Role of HIF-1 and NF-kappaB transcription factors in the modulation of transferrin receptor by inflammatory and anti-inflammatory signals 25-lug-2008 L. TacchiniE. GammellaC. De PontiS. RecalcatiG. Cairo Article (author) -
Adenosine A2A receptor but not HIF-1 mediates tyrosine hydroxylase induction in hypoxic PC12 cells 1-gen-2010 E. GammellaG. CairoL. Tacchini Article (author) -
Iron levels in polarized macrophages: regulation of immunity and autoimmunity 1-ott-2012 S. RecalcatiM. LocatiE. GammellaP. InvernizziG. Cairo Article (author) -
Evidence of synergistic/additive effects of sildenafil and erythropoietin in enhancing survival and migration of hypoxic endothelial cells 15-feb-2013 E. Gammella + Article (author) -
Role of hepcidin in the interplay between body iron metabolism and erythropoiesis 1-giu-2013 E. GammellaS. RecalcatiP. BurattiG. Cairo + Conference Object -
Liver iron modulates hepcidin expression during chronically elevated erythropoiesis in mice 1-dic-2013 E. GammellaS. RecalcatiG. Cairo + Article (author) -
The role of iron in anthracycline cardiotoxicity 26-feb-2014 E. GammellaP. BurattiS. RecalcatiG. Cairo + Article (author) -
Mice lacking mitochondrial ferritin are more sensitive to doxorubicin-mediated cardiotoxicity 1-mag-2014 E. GammellaS. RecalcatiP. BurattiG. Cairo + Conference Object -
Macrophages : central regulators of iron balance 23-lug-2014 E. GammellaP. BurattiG. CairoS. Recalcati Article (author) -
Mice lacking mitochondrial ferritin are more sensitive to doxorubicin-mediated cardiotoxicity 1-ago-2014 E. GammellaL. CornaghiE. DonettiS. RecalcatiG. Cairo + Article (author) -
Lack of macrophage ferroportin affects wound healing 1-set-2014 S. RecalcatiE. GammellaP. BurattiM. LocatiG. Cairo Conference Object -
Arginine-vasopressin marker copeptin is a sensitive plasma surrogate of hypoxic exposure 11-set-2014 E. Gammella + Article (author) -
Mice over-expressing human erythropoietin indicate that erythropoietin enhances expression of its receptor via up-regulated Gata1 and Tal1 1-ott-2014 E. Gammella + Article (author) -
New perspectives on the molecular basis of the interaction between oxygen homeostasis and iron metabolism 1-gen-2015 S. RecalcatiE. GammellaG. Cairo Article (author) -
Erythropoietin’s inhibiting impact on hepcidin expression occurs indirectly 15-feb-2015 E. GammellaS. RecalcatiP. BurattiM. SamajaG. Cairo + Article (author) -
Iron-induced damage in cardiomyopathy: oxidative-dependent and independent mechanisms 24-mar-2015 E. GammellaS. RecalcatiI. RybinskaP. BurattiG. Cairo Article (author) -
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