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Neutron Escape Widths of Giant Monopole Resonance in 208Pb 1-gen-1990 G. Colo'P.F. BortignonA. BraccoR.A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Damping Properties of the Breathing Mode in 208Pb 1-gen-1992 G. Colo'P.F. BortignonA. BraccoR.A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Fluctuation analysis of rotational decay from excited nuclei 1-gen-1992 Bracco A.Broglia R. A.Leoni S. + Article (author) -
Single-particle and collective degrees of freedom in C60 1-gen-1994 R.A. BrogliaH.E. RomanG. Colo' + Article (author) -
Oscillations of Finite Quantal Fermi Systems 1-gen-1994 R.A. BrogliaG. Colo'H.E. Roman + Article (author) -
Multiple Excitation of Giant Dipole Resonances in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions 1-gen-1994 P.F. BortignonR.A. BrogliaG. Colo' + Article (author) -
Escape and spreading properties of charge-exchange resonances in 208Bi 1-gen-1994 G. Colo'P.F. BortignonR.A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Neutrino capture cross sections for 40Ar and β-decay of 40Ti 1-gen-1995 P. PIZZOCHEROP. BORTIGNONR. BROGLIA + Article (author) -
Nuclear rotations 1-gen-1996 Bracco A.Leoni S.Broglia R. A. + Article (author) -
Electron-phonon coupling in charged buckminsterfullerene 1-gen-1998 R. BrogliaG. ColoG. Onida + Article (author) -
Pairing in exotic and in stable nuclei 1-gen-2004 R.A. BrogliaG. Colo'G. GoriP.F. Bortignon + Article (author) -
Parity inversion and breakdown of shell closure in Be isotopes 1-gen-2004 G. GoriR.A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Role of surface vibrations in the pairing gap of atomic nuclei 1-gen-2004 G. GoriR.A. BrogliaG. Colò + Book Part (author) -
Excitation modes and pairing interaction in the inner crust of neutron stars 1-gen-2004 GORI, GIORGIORAMPONI, FABIOR. A. BrogliaG. Colo'SARCHI, DAVIDE + Article (author) -
Mean field and beyond in nuclei far from stability lines 1-gen-2004 P. F. BortignonR. A. BrogliaG. Colo' + Article (author) -
Solid state physics of finite systems: metal clusters, fullerenes, atomic wires 1-gen-2004 R.A. BrogliaG. Colo'G. OnidaROMAN, HECTOR EDUARDO Book (author) -
Simple models of protein folding and of non-conventional drug design 1-gen-2004 R. A. BrogliaG. TianaD. Provasi Article (author) -
Deriving amino acid contact potentials from their frequencies of occurrence in proteins : a lattice model study 1-gen-2004 G. TianaD. ProvasiR. A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Thermodynamics of beta-amyloid fibril formation 1-gen-2004 G. TianaF. SimonaR. A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Understanding the determinants of stability and folding of small globular proteins from their energetics 1-gen-2004 G. TianaR. A. Broglia + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 91
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