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Inhibitory effect of somatostatin analogue SMS20-995 on IL10 secretion in human peripheral blood lymphocytes 1-gen-2003 C. CasniciD. LattuadaO. Marelli + Book Part (author) -
Modulation of somatostatin receptor on PHA activated human lymphocytes 1-gen-2003 D. LattuadaC. CasniciO. Marelli + Book Part (author) -
Regulation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes IL-10 BY SMS 201-995 1-apr-2004 C. CasniciD. LattuadaP. FrancoO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Receptors for dopamine and somatostatin: formation of hetero-oligomers with enhanced functional activity on lymphocytes proliferation 1-giu-2005 D. LattuadaC. CasniciK. CrottaO. Marelli Book Part (author) -
Peptides derived from out of frame fusion protein of BCR-ABL as human CML specific vaccine 1-gen-2006 C. CasniciK. CrottaD.F. LattuadaO. Marelli + Conference Object -
Effects of chimeric somatostatin-dopamine molecules on human peripheral blood lymphocytes activation 1-ott-2006 C. CasniciD.F. LattuadaK. CrottaP. FrancoO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Out of frame BCR-ABL fusion peptides as targets of the immunotherapy in chronic myelogenous leukaemia 1-gen-2007 C. CasniciK. CrottaD.F. LattuadaO. Marelli + Conference Object -
Inhibitory effect of pasireotide and octreotide on lymphocyte activation 1-gen-2007 D. LattuadaC. CasniciK. CrottaP. FrancoO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Alternative BCR/ABL splice variants in Philadelphia cromosome positive leukemias result in novel tumor specific fusion proteins that may represent potential targets for immunotherapic approaches 1-giu-2007 C. CasniciO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Out of frame peptides from BCR/ABL alternative splicing are immunogenic in HLA A2.1 transgenic mice 1-gen-2009 C. CasniciD. LattuadaK. CrottaO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Characterization of a monoclonal antibody specific for novel Bcr/Abl out-of-frame fusion proteins 1-gen-2011 C. CasniciK. CrottaD. LattuadaO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Immunologic evaluation of peptides derived from BCR/ABL-out-of-frame fusion protein in HLA A2.1 transgenic mice 1-gen-2012 C. CasniciK. CrottaD. LattuadaO. Marelli + Article (author) -
The expression of GHS-R in primary neurons is dependent upon maturation stage and regional localization 5-giu-2013 D. LattuadaK. CrottaN. TonnaC. CasniciR. BenfanteO. Marelli + Article (author) -
The Expression of GHS-R in Primary Neurons Is Dependent upon Maturation Stage and Regional Localization 5-giu-2013 D. LattuadaK. CrottaN. TonnaC. CasniciR. BenfanteD. FornasariO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Optimized "in vitro" culture conditions for human rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts 4-nov-2014 C. CasniciD. LattuadaN. TonnaK. CrottaC. StoriniC. CorradiniO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Proapoptotic Activity of a Monomeric Smac Mimetic on Human Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis 1-feb-2015 D. LattuadaC. CasniciK. CrottaP. SeneciC. CorradiniF. IngegnoliO. Marelli + Article (author) -
New alternative splicing BCR/ABL-OOF shows an oncogenic role by lack of inhibition of BCR GTPase activity and an increased of persistence of Rac activation in chronic myeloid leukemia 11-nov-2015 C. CasniciK. CrottaO. Marelli + Article (author) -
Smac127 Has Proapoptotic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects on Rheumatoid Arthritis Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes 1-gen-2016 LATTUADA, DONATELLA FRANCESCAGUALTIEROTTI, ROBERTACROTTA, KATIAP. SeneciF. IngegnoliC. CorradiniMARELLI, ORNELLACASNICI, CLAUDIA + Article (author) -
Anti-inflammatory Effect of Somatostatin Analogue Octreotide on Rheumatoid Arthritis Synoviocytes 1-gen-2018 Casnici, ClaudiaLattuada, DonatellaCrotta, KatiaCorradini, CostantinoIngegnoli, FrancescaMarelli, Ornella + Article (author) -
Acute administration of capsaicin increases resting energy expenditure in young obese subjects without affecting energy intake, appetite, and circulating levels of orexigenic/anorexigenic peptides 1-apr-2018 Rigamonti, Antonello E.Casnici, ClaudiaMarelli, OrnellaCella, Silvano G. + Article (author) -
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