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On maximal intermediate predicate constructive logics 1-gen-1996 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
A cut-free sequent calculus for the logic of constant domains with a limited amount of duplications 1-gen-1999 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
All intermediate logics with extra axioms in one variable, except eight, are not strongly omega-complete 1-gen-2000 C. Fiorentini Article (author) -
Kripke completeness for intermediate logics 1-gen-2000 C. Fiorentini Doctoral Thesis -
Hypercanonicity, extensive canonicity, canonicity and strong completeness of intermediate propositional logics 1-gen-2001 C. Fiorentini Article (author) -
A formal framework for synthesis and verification of logic programs 1-gen-2001 C. Fiorentini + Book Part (author) -
Extracting information from intermediate semiconstructive HA-systems - extended abstract 1-gen-2001 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
On the complexity of disjunction and explicit definability properties in some intermediate logics 1-gen-2002 C. Fiorentini + Book Part (author) -
Extracting exact time bounds from logical proofs 1-gen-2002 C. FiorentiniM. Ornaghi + Book Part (author) -
Tableau calculi for the logics of finite k-ary trees 1-gen-2002 C. Fiorentini + Book Part (author) -
A proof-theoretical analysis of semiconstructive intermediate theories 1-gen-2003 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
Combining word problems through rewriting in categories with products 1-gen-2003 C. FiorentiniS. Ghilardi Article (author) -
A secondary semantics for second order intuitionistic propositional logic 1-gen-2004 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
A space efficient implementation of a tableau calculus for a logic with a constructive negation 1-gen-2004 C. Fiorentini + Book Part (author) -
Snapshots generation via constructive logic 1-gen-2005 M. OrnaghiC. FiorentiniA. Momigliano Conference Object -
On the complexity of the disjunction property in intuitionistic and modal logics 1-gen-2005 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
ESBC : an application for computing stabilization bounds 1-mar-2006 C. Fiorentini + Article (author) -
A constructive object oriented modeling language for information systems 1-mar-2006 M. OrnaghiC. FiorentiniA. Momigliano + Article (author) -
Answer Set Semantics vs. Information Term Semantics 1-gen-2007 C. FiorentiniM. Ornaghi Conference Object -
A constructive semantics for ALC 1-gen-2007 C. Fiorentini + Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 57
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