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Mechanical and focal electrical stimuli applied to the skin of the index fingertip induce both inhibition and excitation in low-threshold flexor carpi radialis motor units 1-ott-2007 A. CaronniP. Cavallari + Article (author) -
Inhibitory APAs observed in several upper limb muscles prior to index tapping are shaped by supraspinal inhibitory circuits 1-lug-2008 A. CaronniP. Cavallari Book Part (author) -
Short latency excitatory influence of the primary motor cortex on ipsilateral forearm flexor muscles 1-set-2008 G. CerriM. MontagnaA. CaronniF. Baldissera Article (author) -
Supra-spinal inhibitory circuits shape postural adjustments in upper limb muscles anticipating voluntary index tapping 1-set-2008 A. CaronniP. Cavallari Article (author) -
Anticipatory postural adjustments stabilise the whole upper-limb prior to a gentle index finger tap 1-gen-2009 A. CaronniP. Cavallari Article (author) -
Supra-spinal circuits shape inhibitory postural adjustments anticipating voluntary index-finger flexion 1-gen-2009 Caronni A.Cavallari P. Article (author) -
Supra-spinal circuits shape inhibitory postural adjustments anticipating voluntary index-finger flexion 1-set-2009 A. CaronniP. Cavallari Article (author) -
The rotated foot as a new leg: TMS brain mapping of lower limb muscles after Van Nes rotationplasty 1-mag-2011 A. CaronniV. RotaL. Tesio + Conference Object -
The precision of a voluntary movement relies on its associated anticipatory postural adjustments 1-lug-2011 A. CaronniF. BolzoniR. EspostiP. Cavallari Conference Object -
Proper anticipatory postural adjustments lead to an accurate voluntary movement 1-set-2012 A. CaronniF. BolzoniR. EspostiC. BruttiniP. Cavallari Article (author) -
Accuracy of pointing movements relies upon a specific tuning between anticipatory postural adjustments and prime mover activation 1-mag-2013 A. CaronniF. BolzoniR. EspostiC. BruttiniP. Cavallari Article (author) -
Therapeutic exercise in balance impairments 1-set-2013 L. TesioA. Caronni Article (author) -
Electromyographic latency of postural evoked responses from the leg muscles during EquiTest computerised dynamic posturography : reference data on healthy subjects 1-feb-2014 L. PeruccaA. CaronniL. Tesio + Article (author) -
Changes in cortical excitability and blood lactate after a fatiguing hand-grip exercise 1-mar-2014 P. CavallariA. Caronni + Article (author) -
Surgical leg rotation : cortical neuroplasticity assessed through brain mapping using transcranial magnetic stimulation 22-ago-2014 L. TesioV. RotaL. PeruccaA. Caronni + Article (author) -
Mirror movements after stroke suggest facilitation from non primary motor cortex: a case report 1-gen-2016 A. CaronniL. SciuméV. FerpozziA. CastellanoL. PeruccaG. Cerri + Article (author) -
Balance and mobility assessment for ruling-out the peripheral neuropathy of the lower limbs in older adults 1-ott-2016 A. CaronniA. M. Previtera + Article (author) -
Construct validity of the Trunk Aesthetic Clinical Evaluation (TRACE) in young people with idiopathic scoliosis 1-mag-2020 Negrini S.Caronni A. + Article (author) -
Inpatient Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic : A Survey of Italian Physicians 1-ago-2020 Pasini S.Caronni A.Pellegrino G. M.Cimino M. M.Centanni S.Sferrazza Papa G. F. + Article (author) -
NK Cell Subpopulations and Receptor Expression in Recovering SARS-CoV-2 Infection 1-gen-2021 Trabattoni, DariaPiancone, FedericaLa Rosa, FrancescaCaronni, AntonioGuerini, Franca RosaClerici, Mario + Article (author) -
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