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Cloning of the genes for and characterization of the early stages of toluene and o-xylene catabolism in Pseudomonas stutzeri OX1 1-ott-1996 Bertoni, GBolognese, FGalli, EBarbieri, P Article (author) -
The cyclin B2 promoter depends on NF-Y, a trimer whose CCAAT-binding activity is cell-cycle regulated 11-mar-1999 F. BologneseR. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Isolation and characterization of the human A-myb promoter : regulation by NF-Y and Sp1 10-ago-2000 F. BologneseR. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Evolution of catabolic pathways and metabolic versatility in Pseudomonas stutzeri OX1 1-gen-2001 P. BARBIERIARENGHI, FABIO LUIGIG. BERTONIF. BOLOGNESEE. GALLI Article (author) -
HSP-CBF is an NF-Y-dependent coactivator of the heat shock promoters CCAAT boxes 13-lug-2001 F. BologneseR. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Complex transcriptional effects of p63 isoforms: identification of novel activation and repression domains 1-dic-2002 P. GhioniF. BologneseR. MantovaniL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Functional consequences of mutations in CDKL5, an X-linked gene involved in infantile spasms and mental retardation 1-gen-2006 Bolognese F.Forlani G.Landsberger N. + Article (author) -
The Pole3 bidirectional unit is regulated by MYC and E2Fs 17-gen-2006 F. BologneseC. ForniG. CarettiM. MinuzzoR. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Characterization of the human EDF-1 minimal promoter : involvement of NFY and Sp1 in the regulation of basal transcription 7-giu-2006 BOLOGNESE, FABRIZIOLO CICERO, VIVIANA GIOVANNAR. MantovaniJ.A. Maier + Article (author) -
Interaction between the inner nuclear membrane lamin B receptor and the heterochromatic methyl binding protein, MeCP2 1-feb-2009 GUARDA, ALESSIAF. Bolognese + Article (author) -
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