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Obsessiviness as a typical personality style in PD patients. An analysis with a self rating questionnaire (QSP) 1-giu-2006 A. MontiV. Silani + Conference Object -
Transcranial direct current stimulation improves naming in aphasic patients 1-gen-2008 A. MontiR. FerrucciF.C. MameliS. ZagoA. Priori + Article (author) -
'Cog-markers' for the diagnosis of dementia of Alzheimer's type 1-gen-2008 A. MontiB. PolettiS. Zago Book Part (author) -
A qualitative characterization of the CFTR gene by mRNA analysis 1-gen-2008 L. CostantinoA. MontiL. ClautC. Colombo + Article (author) -
Improved naming after transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in aphasia 1-gen-2008 A. MontiR. FerrucciA. Priori + Conference Object -
Improved naming after transcranial direct current stimulation in aphasia 1-apr-2008 A. MontiR. FerrucciS. ZagoA. Priori + Article (author) -
The validation of the Italian Edinburgh cognitive and behavioural ALS screen (ECAS) 1-nov-2016 B. PolettiF. SolcaA. MontiS. ZagoD. CaliniC. TilocaA. DorettiF. VerdeA. RattiN. TicozziV. Silani + Article (author) -
Cognitive-behavioral longitudinal assessment in ALS : the Italian Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioral ALS screen (ECAS) 1-gen-2018 B. PolettiF. SolcaA. MontiS. ZagoA. RattiN. TicozziV. Silani + Article (author) -
The complex interplay between depression/anxiety and executive functioning : insights from the ECAS in a large ALS Population 1-apr-2018 F. SolcaA. MontiS. ZagoA. DorettiN. TicozziV. SilaniB. Poletti + Article (author) -
Explicit motor sequence learning after stroke: a neuropsychological study 1-lug-2021 Monti A.Perucca L. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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