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Occurrence of a virilizing syndrome with 21-hydroxylase deficiency after pregnancy 1-ott-1969 FAGLIA, GIOVANNITRAVAGLINI, PIETROL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Modifications in serum growth hormone concentration induced by sulpiride in acromegalic patients pretreated with dopamine, bromocriptine, and metergoline 1-set-1980 M. ArosioP. TravagliniB. AmbrosiP. Beck-PeccozF. SecchiG. Faglia + Article (author) -
Smoke and the endocrine system 1-gen-1982 G. FagliaM. Arosio Article (author) -
Glycoprotein hormone alpha-subunit in pituitary adenomas 1-gen-1992 P. Beck-PeccozL. PersaniG. Faglia Article (author) -
Therapeutic use in endocrinology of somatostatin analogues [Uso terapeutico degli analoghi della somatostatina in Endocrinologia] 1-nov-1992 G. FagliaM. Arosio Article (author) -
Measurement of cAMP accumulation in Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with the recombinant human TSH receptor (CHO-R): a new bioassay for human thyrotropin 1-gen-1993 L. PersaniP. Beck-PeccozG. Faglia + Article (author) -
Effects of treatment with octreotide in acromegalic patients - a multicenter Italian study 1-ott-1995 M. ArosioG. Faglia + Article (author) -
Bioactivity and glycosylation of circulating prolactin in various physiological and pathological conditions 1-nov-1999 P. Beck-PeccozG. FagliaA. SpadaL. Persani + Article (author) -
Alterations of haemostatic and fibrinolytic markers in adult patients with growth hormone deficiency and with acromegaly 1-gen-2000 M. CattaneoP. BucciarelliB. BottassoP. EpaminondaG. FagliaM. Arosio + Article (author) -
LDL physical properties, lipoprotein and Lp(a) levels in acromegalic patients. Effects of octreotide therapy 1-gen-2000 M. ArosioG. Faglia + Article (author) -
Calcium-sensing receptor expression and signalling in human parathyroid adenomas and primary hyperplasia 1-mar-2000 S. CorbettaG. MantovaniA. LaniaG. FagliaA. Spada + Article (author) -
Circulating thyrotropin bioactivity in sporadic central hypothyroidism 1-ott-2000 L. PersaniG. FagliaP. Beck-Peccoz + Article (author) -
Diagnostic Value of the Acid-Labile Subunit in Acromegaly: Evaluation in Comparison with Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF) I, and IGF-Binding Protein-1, -2, and -3 1-mar-2001 M. AROSIOG. FAGLIA + Article (author) -
Mutation of somatostatin receptor type 5 in an acromegalic patient resistant to somatostatin analog treatment 1-ago-2001 BALLARE', EMILIAL. PersaniA.G. LaniaM. FilopantiS. CorbettaM. ArosioP. Beck-PeccozG. FagliaA. Spada + Article (author) -
Malattie ipotalamo-ipofisarie 1-gen-2013 M. ArosioA. LaniaA. SpadaP. Beck-PeccozG. Faglia Book Part (author) -
Disordini dell'accrescimento e dello sviluppo puberale 1-gen-2013 M. ArosioG. Faglia + Book Part (author) -
Malattie endocrine dell'ovaio e infertilità femminile 1-gen-2013 L. PersaniM. ArosioM. BonomiG. Faglia Book Part (author) -
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