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Influence of long-term feeding of different purified dietary fibers on the volatile fatty acid (VFA) profile, pH and fiber-degrading activity of the cecal contents in rats 1-gen-1989 G. TestolinE. CanziA. FerrariS. CiappellanoM. PorriniP. Simonetti + Article (author) -
Oxygen tolerance of anaerobic bacteria isolated from human feces 1-lug-1989 T. BrusaE. CanziR. ZanchiA. Ferrari + Article (author) -
Antimicrobial susceptibility tests on anaerobic oral mixed cultures in periodontal diseases 1-giu-1997 R. ZanchiE. CanziA. Ferrari + Article (author) -
Effect of consumption of a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal containing inulin on the intestinal milieu and blood lipids in healthy male volunteers 1-gen-1999 M.C. CasiraghiE. CanziA. Ferrari + Article (author) -
Modulation by lactic-acid bacteria of the intestinal ecosystem and plasma cholesterol in rabbits fed a casein diet 1-set-2000 E. CanziR. ZanchiG. GreppiA. Ferrari + Article (author) -
Behaviour of the pharmaceutical probiotic preparation VSL#3 in the human ileostomy effluent containing its own natural elements 1-gen-2001 E. CanziM.C.Casiraghi + Article (author) -
Yogurt in the diet of the elderly: a preliminary investigation into its effect on the gut ecosystem and lipid metabolism 1-dic-2002 E. CanziM.C. CasiraghiR. ZanchiR. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Metabolism of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A from Stevia rebaudiana extracts by human microflora 1-ott-2003 C. GardanaP. SimonettiE. CanziR. Zanchi + Article (author) -
Conditions affecting cell surface properties of human intestinal bifidobacteria 1-ott-2005 E. CanziS.D. GuglielmettiD. MoraC. Parini + Article (author) -
Effects of a synbiotic milk product on human intestinal ecosystem 1-gen-2007 M.C. CasiraghiCANZI, ENRICAR. Zanchi + Article (author) -
Gastrointestinal effects of immature wheat grain fructo-oligosaccharides 1-gen-2007 M.C. CasiraghiG. CanovaE. CanziR. ZanchiM.A. Pagani + Conference Object -
Effect of Camellia sinensis L. whole plant extract on piglet intestinal ecosystem 1-gen-2008 R. ZanchiE. CanziL. Molteni + Article (author) -
Bacterial Community Structure Associated with the Rhizosphere of Cirsium arvense in an Italian Arsenic-Contaminated Soil 1-gen-2008 V. AndreoniC. RomagnoliR. ZanchiM. ColomboL. CavalcaE. Canzi + Article (author) -
Generation and comparison of bioluminescent and fluorescent Bacillus licheniformis 1-gen-2008 S. GuglielmettiD. MoraC. PariniE. Canzi + Article (author) -
Selenium enriched biomass, methods for preparing thereof and probiotic and nutraceutic products including said biomass 20-ago-2008 V. AndreoniE. CanziS. Ciappellano + Patent -
Bacterial community structure associated with the rhizosphere of Cirsium arvense in an Italian arsenic-contaminated soil 1-nov-2008 C. RomagnoliR. ZanchiBACHATE, SACHIN PRABHAKARM. ColomboL. CavalcaE. CanziV. Andreoni + Book Part (author) -
Analysis of rhizobacteria involved in arsenic cycle associated with a spontaneous grass plant growing on an arsenic polluted soil 1-gen-2009 C. RomagnoliM. ColomboR. ZanchiL. CavalcaE. CanziV. Andreoni Article (author) -
Valutazione della degradazione delle antocianine del mirtillo ad opera del microbiota intestinale 1-dic-2009 C. GardanaE. CanziS. CiappellanoP. Simonetti Book Part (author) -
The role of diet in the metabolism of daidzein by human faecal microbiota sampled from Italian volunteers 1-dic-2009 C.S. GardanaE. CanziP. Simonetti Article (author) -
Arsenic-resistant bacteria associated with roots of the wild Cirsium arvense (L.) plant from an arsenic polluted soil, and screening of potential plant growth-promoting characteristics 1-apr-2010 L. CavalcaR. ZanchiA. CorsiniM. ColomboC. RomagnoliE CanziV. Andreoni Article (author) -
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