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Echocardiographic indications to detect chromosome 22 microdeletions through invasive prenatal procedures 1-gen-2007 M. INFANTINOB. GENTILINL. MANDIAI. CETIN + Article (author) -
3D ultrasound assessment of placenta volume in the first trimester in pregnancies from assisted reproduction technologies (ART) 1-gen-2008 E. TariccoL. MandiaG. PardiI. Cetin + Book Part (author) -
Pregenesys pre-eclampsia markers consensus meeting : What do we require from markers, risk assessment and model systems to tailor preventive strategies ? 1-gen-2011 I. CetinL. Mandia + Article (author) -
Lactate detection in the brain of growth-restricted fetuses with magnetic resonance spectroscopy 1-ott-2011 I. CetinV. BrusatiL. MandiaT. RadaelliN. BresolinG. PardiM. Rango + Article (author) -
Evaluation of PAPP-A and free beta-hcg for the screening of Down Syndrome in egg donation pregnancies 1-gen-2012 V.M. SavasiL. MandiaP.G. DucaI. Cetin + Article (author) -
Imported Loa loa filariasis : three cases with a review of cases reported in non-endemic countries in the past 25 years 1-set-2012 S. AntinoriL. SchifanellaL. FerrarisL. MandiaV. CacioppoMONACO, GASPAREM.R. Gismondo + Article (author) -
Reproductive assistance in HIV serodiscordant couples 1-mar-2013 V.M. SavasiL. MandiaA. LaoretiI. Cetin Article (author) -
First trimester placental markers in oocyte donation pregnancies 1-gen-2015 V.M. SavasiL. MandiaA. LaoretiP. DucaI. Cetin + Article (author) -
Oocyte donation pregnancies: maternal and fetal outcomes 1-dic-2015 A. LaoretiL. MandiaI. CetinV. Savasi Conference Object -
Evaluation of uterine arteries doppler and estrogen milieu in oocyte donation pregnancies 1-gen-2016 L. MandiaP. CavorettoP. DucaI. CetinV. Savasi + Conference Object -
Detection of Hepatitis C Virus in the Semen of Infected Men and Reproductive Assistance in HCV Discordant Couples : An Overview 1-gen-2016 V. SavasiL. Mandia Book Part (author) -
Customized Fetal Growth Charts for Parents' Characteristics, Race, and Parity by Quantile Regression Analysis : a Cross-sectional Multicenter Italian Study 1-gen-2016 GHI, TULLIOFerrazzi, EnricoStampalija, TamaraCetin, I.Di Martino, D.Mandia, L.Nicoletti, L.Persico, N. + Article (author) -
The effect of fetal sex on customized fetal growth charts 1-gen-2016 Ferrazzi, EnricoDi Martino, DanielaGhi, TullioCetin, I.Di Martino, D.Mandia, L.Nicoletti, L.Persico, N.Stampalija, T. + Article (author) -
Maternal and fetal outcomes in oocyte donation pregnancies 1-gen-2016 V.M. SavasiL. MandiaA. LaoretiI. Cetin Article (author) -
Hormonal milieu in singleton pregnancy during the first trimester of gestation: comparison between spontaneous, in vitro fertilization and eggs donation pregnancies 1-gen-2017 E. GrossiL. MandiaC. PersoneniI. CetinV. Savasi Conference Object -
Ultrasound in Infertility Setting: Optimal Strategy to Evaluate the Assessment of Tubal Patency 1-gen-2017 Mandia, LucaPersoneni, CarloAntonazzo, PatrizioAngileri, Salvatore AlessioPinto, AntonioSavasi, Valeria Article (author) -
Uterine artery Doppler pulsatility index at 11-38 weeks in ICSI pregnancies with egg donation 26-gen-2018 L. MandiaI. CetinV. SavasiE. PapaleoP. I. Cavoretto + Article (author) -
Evaluation of uterine artery doppler and estrogen milieu in oocyte donation pregnancies-a pilot study 1-mag-2020 Mandia L.Duca P.Cetin I.Savasi V. + Article (author) -
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