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Local delivery of antineoplastic agents using biodegradable polymers for the treatment of malignant brain tumors 1-lug-2003 Legnani, Federico GDimeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Lactacystin exhibits potent anti-tumor activity in an animal model of malignant glioma when administered via controlled-release polymers 1-mag-2006 Federico G. LegnaniSergio M. GainiDI MECO, FRANCESCO + Article (author) -
Mucinous low-grade adenocarcinoma arising in an intracranial enterogenous cyst : case report 1-apr-2008 Legnani, Federico GDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Practical assessment of preoperative functional mapping techniques: navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and functional magnetic resonance imaging 1-set-2013 Legnani, Federico GiuseppeMattei, LucaPrada, FrancescoSaladino, AndreaDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Craniotomy vs. craniectomy for posterior fossa tumors: a prospective study to evaluate complications after surgery 1-dic-2013 Legnani, Federico GSaladino, AndreaVetrano, Ignazio GMattei, LucaPrada, FrancescoDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Intraoperative cerebral glioma characterization with contrast enhanced ultrasound 1-gen-2014 Prada, FrancescoMattei, LucaDel Bene, MassimilianoFilippini, AssuntaLegnani, Federico GiuseppeSaladino, AndreaVetrano, Ignazio GaspareDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Intraoperative contrast-enhanced ultrasound for brain tumor surgery 1-mag-2014 Prada, FrancescoLegnani, FedericoMattei, LucaSaladino, AndreaDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Intraoperative ultrasound in spinal tumor surgery 1-set-2014 Prada, FrancescoVetrano, Ignazio GFilippini, AssuntaDel Bene, MassimilianoLegnani, FedericoDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Fusion imaging for intra-operative ultrasound-based navigation in neurosurgery 1-set-2014 Prada, FrancescoDel Bene, MassimilianoMattei, LucaFilippini, AssuntaLegnani, FedericoSaladino, AndreaVetrano, IgnazioDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
From Grey Scale B-Mode to Elastosonography: Multimodal Ultrasound Imaging in Meningioma Surgery-Pictorial Essay and Literature Review 1-gen-2015 Prada, FrancescoDel Bene, MassimilianoLegnani, Federico GiuseppeSaladino, AndreaVetrano, Ignazio GaspareMattei, LucaDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Laparoscopic treatment of sportsmen’s groin hernia 1-apr-2015 G. GravaM. UccelliF. CiccareseD. CarrieriG. Legnani + Article (author) -
Intraoperative Navigated Angiosonography for Skull Base Tumor Surgery 1-dic-2015 Prada, FrancescoDel Bene, MassimilianoSaladino, AndreaLegnani, Federico GiuseppeMattei, LucaVetrano, Ignazio GaspareDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Wnt5a Drives an Invasive Phenotype in Human Glioblastoma Stem-like Cells 1-gen-2017 Restelli, SilviaDEZI, FABIOLegnani, FedericoDi Meco, Francesco + Article (author) -
The semisitting position: analysis of the risks and surgical outcomes in a contemporary series of 425 adult patients undergoing cranial surgery 1-ott-2017 Saladino, AndreaLegnani, Federico GDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Ultrasound guided mini-invasive tailored approach and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring: a synergistic strategy for the removal of tumors near the motor cortex : a preliminary experience 1-giu-2018 Prada, FrancescoLegnani, FedericoDi Meco, Francesco + Article (author) -
Brain tectal tumors : a flexible approach 5-giu-2018 Legnani, Federico GiuseppeMattei, LucaSaladino, AndreaDiMeco, Francesco + Article (author) -
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