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Defective developmental capacity of bovine oocytes is accompanied by a shorte poly-(A) tail of maternal trascripts 1-gen-1997 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloS. ModinaF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Changes in poly(A) tail length of maternal transcripts during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes and their relation with developmental competence 1-apr-1999 T. A. Brevini-GandolfiMAURI, LUCAA. M. LucianoF. CilloF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Estrogenic activity of Nigella damascena extracts, evaluated using a recombinant yeast screen 1-gen-2002 E. AgradiG. FicoF. CilloFRANCISCI, CHIARAF. Tomè Article (author) -
Polyadenylation of oocyte transcripts as marker of developmental competence 1-gen-2003 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloF. Gandolfi + Book Part (author) -
Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating oocyte quality and the relevance for farm animal reproductive efficiency 1-gen-2005 F. GandolfiT.A. BreviniF. CilloS. Antonini Article (author) -
Effects of endocrine disruptors on developmental and reproductive functions 1-gen-2005 Tiziana A. BreviniBERTOLA ZANETTO, SIMONAFabiana Cillo Article (author) -
Effects of endocrine disrupters on the oocytes and embryos of farm animals 1-gen-2005 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and its receptor are expressed and functional during GV to MII in vitro transition of ovine oocytes 1-gen-2005 T.A.BreviniF. CilloS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Effetti degli xenobiotici ambientali su ovocita ed embrioni di animali domestici 1-gen-2006 F. GandolfiS. AntoniniCILLO, FABIANAT.A.L. Brevini Book Part (author) -
Human pluripotent stem cells derived by parthenogenesis 1-gen-2006 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloV. TosettiM. CrestanA. PaffoniF. Gandolfi + Book Part (author) -
Maternal-to-embryonic transition following nuclear transfer or parthenogenetic activation 1-gen-2006 T. BreviniS. AntoniniF. CilloC. GalliF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Expression pattern of Nanog and Par3 genes in in-vitro-derived bovine embryos 1-gen-2006 F. GandolfiF. CilloS. AntoniniC. GalliT. Brevini + Article (author) -
Aroclor-125 affects mRNA polyadenylation, translational activation, cell morphology, and DNA integrity of rat primary prostate cells 1-gen-2007 F. CilloF. GandolfiT.A. Brevini + Article (author) -
Cytoplasmic remodelling and the acquisition of developmental competence in pig oocytes 1-gen-2007 T.A. BreviniF. CilloS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Temporal and spatial control of gene expression in early embryos of farm animals 1-gen-2007 T.A. BreviniF. CilloS. AntoniniV. TosettiF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Association between human oocyte developmental competence and expression levels of some cumulus genes 1-gen-2007 F. CilloT.A. BreviniS. AntoniniA. PaffoniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Porcine embryonic stem cells : facts, challenges and hopes 1-gen-2007 T.A. BREVINIS. ANTONINIF. CILLOM. CRESTANF. GANDOLFI Article (author) -
Expression pattern of Sox2 gene in bovine oocytes and in vitro-derived embryos 1-gen-2008 T. BreviniS. AntoniniF. CilloG. PennarossaC. GalliF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Directed neuronal differentiation of pluripotent cell lines devived from pig parthenogenetic embryos 1-gen-2008 T. BreviniG. PennarossaS. AntoniniF. CilloV. TosettiF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
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