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Effect of a heated humidifier during continuous positive airway pressure delivered by a helmet 1-gen-2008 D. ChiumelloM. ChierichettiF. TallariniP. CozziM. CressoniF. PolliL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Nitrogen washout/washin, helium dilution and computed tomography in the assessment of end expiratory lung volume 1-gen-2008 D. ChiumelloM. CressoniM. ChierichettiF. TallariniL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Accuracy of central venous oxygen saturation with a fiberoptic catheter 1-mar-2009 D. ChiumelloM. BotticelliM. ChierichettiF. Tallarini + Conference Object -
Accuracy of central venous oxygen saturation with a fiberoptic catheter 1-mar-2009 D. ChiumelloBOTTICELLI, MARCO MARIAM. ChierichettiTALLARINI, FEDERICA + Article (author) -
Use a modified nitrogen washout/washin technique to measure lung volumes in pigs 1-set-2009 A. ProttiM. CressoniM. ChierichettiA. SantiniT. LangerL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Continuous central venous saturation monitoring in critically ill patients 1-gen-2011 D. ChiumelloM CressoniC MiettoV BertoM Chierichetti + Article (author) -
Contribution of red blood cells to the compensation for hypocapnic alkalosis through plasmatic strong ion diff erence variations 1-gen-2011 T. LangerE. CarlessoA. ProttiP. CaironiM. ChierichettiL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Lung stress and strain during mechanical ventilation : any safe threshold? 15-mag-2011 A. ProttiM.T. Cressoni MainoniA. SantiniT. LangerC. MiettoM. ChierichettiS. CoppolaL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Electrolyte shifts across the artificial lung in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation : interdependence between partial pressure of carbon dioxide and strong ion difference 1-feb-2015 T. LangerE. CarlessoA. ProttiL. ZaniM. ChierichettiP. CaironiL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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