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Power Doppler sonography in the diagnosis of fistulae in complicated Crohn's disease 1-gen-2001 G. MaconiS. BollaniS. ArdizzoneM. MolteniA. SartaniV. PanizzoG. Bianchi Porro + Article (author) -
Oxidative stress and vitamin A and E behavior in patients treated by conservative surgery for complicated Crohn's disease. An experimental pilot study 1-gen-2001 M. CristaldiP.G. DanelliG. MaconiA. SartaniV. PanizzoA.M. Taschieri + Article (author) -
Delay of diagnosis, stage of gastric cancer (GC) and survival in young gastric cancer without alarm symptoms (AS) 1-gen-2003 G. MaconiV. PanizzoM. CristaldiG. Bianchi PorroA.M. Taschieri + Article (author) -
Gastric cancer in young patients with no alarm symptoms: focus on delay in diagnosis, stage of neoplasm and survival 1-gen-2003 G. MaconiV. PanizzoM. CristaldiG. Bianchi PorroA.M. Taschieri + Article (author) -
Morphological and functional evaluation of ileo-pouch-anal-anastomosis for ulcerative colitis by dynamic transperineal ultrasound 1-gen-2007 G. MaconiE. RadiceS. GrecoS. ArdizzoneV. PanizzoP. DanelliC. BezzioG. Bianchi Porro + Article (author) -
Adipose tissue microbiota in humans : An open issue 1-nov-2016 Zulian ACancello RConsolandi CSevergnini MPanizzo VMicheletto G + Article (author) -
Cardiac tamponade occurred after endoscopic submucosal dissection : conservative management of the esophagopericardial fistula 1-nov-2017 D. BonaG. SainoV. PanizzoG. Micheletto + Article (author) -
Practical suggestions for prevention of complications arising from oxidized cellulose retention : a case report and review of the literature 11-lug-2018 PIOZZI, GUGLIELMO NICCOLOREITANO, ELISAPanizzo, ValerioRubino, BarbaraBona, DavideMicheletto, Giancarlo + Article (author) -
Successful laparoscopic treatment of iatrogenic distal esophageal perforation during sleeve gastrectomy 1-nov-2018 BEVILACQUA, EMANUELEAiolfi, AlbertoTornese, StefaniaPanizzo, ValerioMicheletto, GiancarloBona, Davide + Article (author) -
Laparoscopic Heller myotomy after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass 11-feb-2019 AIOLFI, ALBERTOTORNESE, STEFANIABarbieri, LaviniaPANIZZO, VALERIOMicheletto, GiancarloBona, Davide Article (author) -
Does C-reactive protein have a predictive role in the early diagnosis of postoperative complications after bariatric surgery? Systematic review and bayesian meta-analysis 22-giu-2019 Bona D.Micheletto G.Panizzo V.Rausa E.Aiolfi A. + Article (author) -
Key Points for Cholelithiasis and Gallstone Ileus Prevention Following Biliointestinal Bypass 10-lug-2019 Micheletto, GiancarloPiozzi, Guglielmo NiccolòPanizzo, ValerioReitano, ElisaPontiroli, Antonio Ettore + Article (author) -
Intracorporeal Versus Extracorporeal Anastomosis in Laparoscopic Right Colectomy : An Updated Systematic Review and Cumulative Meta-Analysis 1-apr-2020 Aiolfi, AlbertoBona, DavideGuerrazzi, GuglielmoRausa, EmanuelePanizzo, ValerioCampanelli, GiampieroMicheletto, Giancarlo + Article (author) -
Systematic review and updated network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing open, laparoscopic-assisted, and robotic distal gastrectomy for early and locally advanced gastric cancer 1-gen-2021 Aiolfi, AlbertoPanizzo, ValerioBona, Davide + Article (author) -
Total extraperitoneal (TEP) versus laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) hernioplasty : systematic review and trial sequential analysis of randomized controlled trials 1-ott-2021 Aiolfi A.Panizzo V.Campanelli G.Bona D. + Article (author) -
Medium-term safety and efficacy profile of paraesophageal hernia repair with Phasix-ST® mesh : a single-institution experience 30-ott-2021 Aiolfi A.Panizzo V.Mendogni P.Campanelli G.Bona D. + Article (author) -
Staple Line Reinforcement During Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials 16-feb-2022 Lastraioli C.Panizzo V.Campanelli G. + Article (author) -
Laparoscopic management of pathologic gastroesophageal reflux after sleeve gastrectomy using the magnetic sphincter augmentation (MSA) device—a Video Vignette 1-mar-2022 Panizzo V.Lastraioli C.Ogliari C. + Article (author) -
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