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The 5 alpha-reductase activity of the subcortical white matter, the cerebral cortex, and the hypothalamus of the rat and of the mouse: possible sex differences and effect of castration 1-gen-1987 R. C. MelcangiF. CelottiA. PolettiP. Negri-CesiL. Martini Article (author) -
Testosterone 5α-reductase activity in the rat brain is highly concentrated in white matter structures and in purified myelin sheaths of axons 1-ago-1988 R.C. MelcangiF. CelottiM. BallabioA. PolettiP. CastanoL. Martini Article (author) -
Ontogenetic development of the 5 alpha-reductase in the rat brain: cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, purified myelin and isolated oligodendrocytes 1-dic-1988 R.C. MelcangiF. CelottiM. BallabioP. CastanoA. PolettiS. MilaniL. Martini Article (author) -
Effect of postnatal starvation on the 5 alpha-reductase activity of the brain and of the isolated myelin membranes 1-gen-1989 R.C. MelcangiF. CelottiM. BallabioA. PolettiL. Martini + Article (author) -
Androgen metabolism in different target tissues 1-gen-1990 L. MartiniF. CelottiR. C. MelcangiM. MottaP. Negri-CesiA. Poletti + Article (author) -
Kinetic properties of the 5α-reductase of testosterone in the purified myelin, in the subcortical white matter and in the cerebral cortex of the male rat brain 1-gen-1990 A. PolettiF. CelottiR.C. MelcangiM. BallabioL. Martini Article (author) -
Testosterone metabolism in peripheral nerves: presence of the 5 alpha-reductase-3 alpha-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase enzymatic system in the sciatic nerve of adult and aged rats 1-gen-1990 R. C. MelcangiF. CelottiM. BallabioA. PolettiL. Martini Article (author) -
5α-Reductase activity in isolated and cultured neuronal and glial cells of the rat 21-mag-1990 R.C. MelcangiF. CelottiM. BallabioP. CastanoA. PolettiL. Martini + Article (author) -
Testosterone metabolism in brain cells and membranes 1-gen-1991 F. CelottiR. C. MelcangiP. Negri-CesiA. Poletti Article (author) -
A novel, highly regulated, rapidly inducible system for the expression of chicken progesterone receptor, cPRA, in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1-mag-1992 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Studi sul Meccanismo d'azione degli ormoni steroidei: identificazione e significato dei processi di fosforilazione del recettore per il progesterone 1-gen-1993 A. Poletti Doctoral Thesis -
Phosphorylation/Dephosphorylation regulates the activity of progesterone receptors 1-gen-1993 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Identification of a hormone-dependent phosphorylation site adjacent to the DNA-binding domain of the chicken progesterone receptor 1-feb-1993 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Chicken progesterone receptor expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is correctly phosphorylated at all four Ser-Pro phosphorylation sites 21-set-1993 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Steroid binding and metabolism in the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-producing neuronal cell line GT1-1 1-dic-1994 A. PolettiR.C. MelcangiP. Negri-CesiR. MaggiL. Martini Article (author) -
Identification of phosphorylation sites unique to the B form of human progesterone receptor. In vitro phosphorylation by casein kinase II 9-dic-1994 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Phosphorylation and progesterone receptor function 1-giu-1995 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Identification of a group of Ser-Pro motif hormone-inducible phosphorylation sites in the human progesterone receptor 1-ago-1995 A. Poletti + Article (author) -
Synthesis of a chemiluminescent probe useful for the purification of steroid 5α-reductase 1-gen-1996 A. PolettiF. CelottiL. Martini + Article (author) -
Characterization of rat 5alpha-reductases type 1 and type 2 expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 15-mar-1996 A. PolettiF. CelottiM. MottaL. Martini Article (author) -
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