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Regulation of asparagine synthetase gene expression by amino acid starvation 1-gen-1991 L. Guerrini + Article (author) -
cis- and trans-Acting elements involved in amino acid regulation of asparagine synthetase gene expression 1-gen-1993 L. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Differential DNA sequence specificity and regulation of HIV-1 enhancer activity by cRel-RelA transcription factor 1-gen-1994 L. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Complex transcriptional effects of p63 isoforms: identification of novel activation and repression domains 1-dic-2002 P. GhioniF. BologneseR. MantovaniL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Inhibition of p63 transcriptional activity by p14ARF : functional and physical link between human ARF tumor suppressor and a member of the p53 family 1-gen-2004 GHIONI, PAMELA MARIUCCIAL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Regulation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p57Kip2 expression by p63 1-gen-2005 C. BerettaB. TestoniR. MantovaniL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
A p38-dependent pathway regulates DeltaNp63 DNA binding to p53-dependent promoters in UV-induced apoptosis of keratinocytes 1-gen-2005 L. GuerriniS. Chimenti + Article (author) -
The protein stability and transcriptional activity of p63α are regulated by SUMO-1 conjugation 1-gen-2005 P. GhioniY. D'AlessandraL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
The disease genes for Split Hand/Foot Malformation type I and type IV are linked in a transcriptional regulatory cascade 1-giu-2006 N. Lo IaconoL. Guerrini + Working Paper -
Itch/AIP4 associates with and promotes p63 protein degradation 1-ago-2006 M. De SimoneL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Cross-talks in the p53 family: deltaNp63 is an anti-apoptotic target for deltaNp73alpha and p53 gain-of-function mutants 1-set-2006 Y. D’AlessandraL.F. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Homeobox gene Dlx3 is regulated by p63 during ectoderm development : relevance in the pathogenesis of ectodermal dysplasias 1-gen-2007 L. GuerriniN. Lo Iacono + Article (author) -
Regulation of Dlx5 and Dlx6 gene expression by p63 is involved in EEC and SHFM congenital limb defects 1-gen-2008 N. Lo IaconoL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
How to make a skin-tight dress: the p63/claudin-1 connection 28-feb-2008 N. LO IACONOT. LOPARDOF. GALLIL. GUERRINI + Book Part (author) -
Claudin-1 is a p63 target gene with a crucial role in epithelial development 23-lug-2008 T. LopardoN. Lo IaconoL.F. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Homeodomain protein Dlx3 induces phosphorylation-dependent p63 degradation 1-gen-2009 L. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Identification of Δnp63α protein interactions by mass spectrometry 1-gen-2010 L. Guerrini + Article (author) -
A regulatory feedback loop involving p63 and IRF6 links the pathogenesis of 2 genetically different ectodermal dysplasias 1-gen-2010 LO IACONO, NADIAL. Guerrini + Article (author) -
Identification of DeltaNp63 alpha protein interactions by mass spectrometry. 19-gen-2010 L. Guerrini Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 37
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