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Volumetric Changes in the Upper Airways after Rapid and Slow Maxillary Expansion in Growing Patients : A Case-Control Study 1-gen-2020 Lanteri, ValentinaFarronato, MarcoUgolini, AlessandroCossellu, GianguidoGaffuri, FrancescaParisi, Francesca Maria RitaCavagnetto, DavideAbate, AndreaMaspero, Cinzia Article (author) -
Effects on the Facial Growth of Rapid Palatal Expansion in Growing Patients Affected by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis with Monolateral Involvement of the Temporomandibular Joints : A Case-Control Study on Posteroanterior and Lateral Cephalograms 18-apr-2020 Maspero, CinziaCavagnetto, DavideAbate, AndreaCressoni, PaoloFarronato, Marco Article (author) -
Available Technologies, Applications and Benefits of Teleorthodontics. A Literature Review and Possible Applications during the COVID-19 Pandemic 17-giu-2020 Maspero, CinziaAbate, AndreaCavagnetto, DavideEl Morsi, MohamedFama, AndreaFarronato, Marco Article (author) -
Assessing mandibular body changes in growing subjects: a comparison of CBCT and reconstructed lateral cephalogram measurements 16-lug-2020 Maspero, CinziaFarronato, MarcoBellincioni, FrancescaCavagnetto, DavideAbate, Andrea Article (author) -
Relationship between Breastfeeding and Malocclusion : a Systematic Review of the Literature 30-nov-2020 Abate, AndreaCavagnetto, DavideFama, AndreaMaspero, CinziaFarronato, Giampietro Article (author) -
Buccal Bone Changes Around First Permanent Molars and Second Primary Molars after Maxillary Expansion with a Low Compliance Ni–Ti Leaf Spring Expander 1-dic-2020 Lanteri, ValentinaCavagnetto, DavideAbate, AndreaGaffuri, FrancescaUgolini, AlessandroMaspero, Cinzia + Article (author) -
Safety and effects of the rapid maxillary expander on temporomandibular joint in subjects affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis: A retrospective study 1-gen-2021 Abate A.Cavagnetto D.Rusconi F. M. E.Cressoni P.Esposito L. Article (author) -
Three-dimensional volumetric evaluation of the different mandibular segments using CBCT in patients affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a cross-sectional study 1-ott-2021 Cavagnetto, DavideAbate, AndreaCaprioglio, AlbertoCressoni, PaoloMaspero, Cinzia Article (author) -
Special Issue on Recent Developments in Orthodontics on Craniofacial Orthopedics 1-gen-2022 Maspero, CinziaAbate, AndreaLanteri, Valentina Article (author) -
A CBCT based analysis of the correlation between volumetric morphology of the frontal sinuses and the facial growth pattern in caucasian subjects. A cross-sectional study 2-feb-2022 Abate, AndreaGaffuri, FrancescaLanteri, ValentinaFama, AndreaUgolini, AlessandroMannina, LauraMaspero, Cinzia Article (author) -
Incidental Finding in Pre-Orthodontic Treatment Radiographs of an Aural Foreign Body: A Case Report 15-mar-2022 Maspero, CinziaAbate, AndreaDolci, ClaudiaCagetti, Maria GraziaTartaglia, Gianluca Martino + Article (author) -
Method Presentation of a New Integrated Orthodontic-Conservative Approach for Minimally Invasive Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Speed Up Therapy 1-ott-2022 Abate, AndreaMaspero, CinziaLanteri, Valentina + Article (author) -
Aesthetic recovery of the smile: a new integrated orthodontic-conservative method|Recupero estetico e funzionale del sorriso: un nuovo metodo ortodontico-conservativo integrato 1-nov-2022 Abate AndreaLanteri Valentina + Article (author) -
Comparison of the skeletal, dentoalveolar, and periodontal changes after Ni–Ti leaf spring expander and rapid maxillary expansion: a three‑dimensional CBCT based evaluation 1-gen-2023 Andrea AbateAlessandro UgoliniCinzia MasperoAlberto CaprioglioValentina Lanteri + Article (author) -
Three-dimensional evaluation of the maxillary sinus in patients with different skeletal classes and cranio-maxillary relationships assessed with cone beam computed tomography 1-gen-2023 Abate, AndreaCavagnetto, DavideLanteri, ValentinaMaspero, Cinzia Article (author) -
Evaluation of Masticatory Muscles in Adult Patients with Maxillary Hypoplasia Treated with Surgically Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion (SARME): A Retrospective Study 12-gen-2023 Andrea AbateValentina LanteriCinzia Maspero + Article (author) -
Correlation between Temporo-Mandibular Pain and Gender 27-feb-2023 Cinzia MasperoAndrea AbateValentina Lanteri + Article (author) -
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