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Combined effect of dimethylacetamide and non-permeating cryoprotectants on quality of frozen/thawed sperm 1-gen-2015 Madeddu M.Abdel Sayed A.Mangiagalli M. G.Colombo E.Zaniboni L.Cerolini S. + Article (author) -
Quality of chicken semen cryopreserved with different N-methylacetamide concentrations combined with trehalose 1-gen-2019 F. MoscaA. Abdel SayedM. G. MangiagalliS. CeroliniL. Zaniboni Article (author) -
Artificial insemination of cryopreserved chicken semen: do different concentration doses affect fertility ? 1-ago-2019 Cerolini, S.Abdel Sayed, A.Mosca, F.Zaniboni, L. + Conference Object -
Semen freezability in Italian chicken breeds 15-ago-2019 A. Abdel SayedF. MoscaM. MadedduM. G. MangiagalliS. CeroliniL. Zaniboni Article (author) -
Effect of dimethylacetamide and N-methylacetamide on the quality and fertility of frozen/thawed chicken semen 1-nov-2019 Mosca, FabioZaniboni, LuisaAbdel Sayed, AhmadMadeddu, ManuelaCerolini, Silvia + Article (author) -
Free-Range Rearing Density for Male and Female Milanino Chickens: Growth Performance and Stress Markers 1-dic-2019 Mosca, FabioZaniboni, LuisaAbdel Sayed, AhmadMangiagalli, Maria GPastorelli, GraziaCerolini, Silvia + Article (author) -
Free-range rearing density for male and female Milanino chickens : carcass yield and qualitative meat traits 1-dic-2019 Cerolini, SilviaVasconi, MauroAbdel Sayed, AhmadMangiagalli, Maria GPastorelli, GraziaMoretti, Vittorio MZaniboni, LuisaMosca, Fabio + Article (author) -
Effect of N-Methylacetamide Concentration and Thawing Rate on Chicken Sperm Quality after Cryopreservation 9-mag-2020 Fabio MoscaLuisa ZaniboniAhmad Abdel SayedSilvia Cerolini + Article (author) -
Reproductive parameters in some captive-bred cockatoo species (genus Cacatua and Eolophus) 1-nov-2020 Marelli S. P.Abdel Sayed A.Strillacci M.Luzi F.Cerolini S.Zaniboni L. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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