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A density management diagram for Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.): A tool for assessing the forest's protective effect 2008 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Analysis of intraspecific competition in two subalpine Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands in Paneveggio (Trento, Italy) 2008 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Diachronic analysis of individual-tree mortality in a Norway spruce stand in the eastern Italian Alps 2010 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Stand and coarse woody debris dynamics in subalpine Norway spruce forests withdrawn from regular management 2010 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
Point pattern analysis of crown-to-crown interactions in mountain forests 2011 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Modeling Italian forests : state of the art and future challenges 2012 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Evidences of drought stress as a predisposing factor to Scots pine decline in Valle d'Aosta (Italy) 2012 Vacchiano, Giorgio + Article (author) -
A density management diagram for Norway spruce in the temperate European montane region 2013 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Effect of stand-replacing fires on Mediterranean plant species in their marginal alpine range 2013 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Monitoring and modeling the invasion of the fast spreading alien Senecio inaequidens DC. in an alpine region 2013 Vacchiano, G. + Article (author) -
Driving factors of a vegetation shift from Scots pine to pubescent oak in dry Alpine forests 2013 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Scaling issues in forest ecosystem management and how to address them with models 2013 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Effects of forest management on ground beetle diversity in alpine beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stands 2014 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Calibrating and testing the forest vegetation simulator to simulate tree encroachment and control measures for Heathland restoration in southern Europe 2014 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
A comprehensive framework of forest stand property-density relationships : perspectives for plant population ecology and forest management 2014 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Calibrating Rothermel’s fuel models by genetic algorithms 2014 Giorgio Vacchiano + Book Part (author) -
Fire severity, residuals and soil legacies affect regeneration of Scots pine in the Southern Alps 2014 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Comparison of integrative nature conservation in forest policy in Europe : a qualitative pilot study of institutional determinants 2014 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Building Rothermel fire behaviour fuel models by genetic algorithm optimisation 2015 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Development of old-growth characteristics in uneven-aged forests of the Italian Alps 2015 G. Vacchiano + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 122
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