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Extracting information from asset prices : The methodology of EMU calculators 1-ott-2000 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Cointegration in fractional systems with deterministic trends 1-gen-2005 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Inflation control in central and eastern European countries 1-gen-2009 F. Iacone + Book Part (author) -
A Semiparametric Analysis of the Term Structure of the US Interest Rates 1-gen-2009 IACONE, FABRIZIO Article (author) -
Local Whittle estimation of the memory parameter in presence of deterministic components 1-gen-2010 F. Iacone Article (author) -
First Stage Estimation of Fractional Cointegration 1-gen-2012 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Modelling the dynamics of a public health care system : Evidence from time-series data 1-gen-2012 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
On the behavior of fixed-b trend break tests under fractional integration 1-apr-2013 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Testing for a break in trend when the order of integration is unknown 1-set-2013 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
A fixed- b test for a break in level at an unknown time under fractional integration 1-gen-2014 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Small-b and Fixed-b Asymptotics for Weighted Covariance Estimation in Fractional Cointegration 1-lug-2015 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Spatial effects in a common trend model of US city-level CPI 1-set-2015 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Fixed bandwidth asymptotics for the studentized mean of fractionally integrated processes 1-gen-2017 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Testing for a change in mean under fractional integration 1-gen-2017 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Revisiting inflation in the euro area allowing for long memory 1-gen-2017 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Fixed bandwidth inference for fractional cointegration 1-lug-2019 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Semiparametric detection of changes in long range dependence 1-set-2019 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Testing the order of fractional integration of a time series in the possible presence of a trend break at an unknown point 1-dic-2019 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Comparing predictive accuracy in small samples using fixed‐smoothing asymptotics 1-giu-2020 F Iacone + Article (author) -
Semiparametric Tests for the Order of Integration in the Possible Presence of Level Breaks 3-apr-2022 F. Iacone + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 21
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