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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Cut-based abduction 2008 D'Agostino, Marcello + Article (author) -
The enduring scandal of deduction : is propositional logic really uninformative? 2009 D'Agostino, Marcello + Article (author) -
The measurement of rank mobility 2009 D'Agostino, Marcello + Article (author) -
What's so special about Euclidean distance? A characterization with applications to mobility and spatial voting 2009 D'Agostino, Marcello + Article (author) -
Editors' Preface 2010 M. D'AgostinoC. Sinigaglia + Book Part (author) -
New Essays in Logic and Philosophy of Science 2010 M. D'AgostinoG. GiorelloC. Sinigaglia + Book (editor) -
Logic and the myth of the perfect language 2010 M. D'Agostino + Article (author) -
Epistemic accuracy and subjective probability 2010 M. d'AgostinoC. Sinigaglia Book Part (author) -
Zsyntax: a formal language for molecular biology with projected applications in text mining and biological prediction 2010 M. D'AgostinoP.P. Di Fiore + Article (author) -
Modelling resource allocation in open embedded systems 2011 M. D'Agostino + Article (author) -
Deduction 2013 M. D'Agostino Book Part (author) -
Depth-bounded logic for realistic agents 2013 M. D'Agostino Article (author) -
Semantic Information and the Trivialization of Logic: Floridi on the Scandal of Deduction 2013 M. D'Agostino Article (author) -
A Logic of Non-Monotonic Interactions 2013 G. BonioloM. D'Agostino + Article (author) -
Semantics and proof-theory of depth-bounded Boolean logics 2013 M. D'Agostino + Article (author) -
La logica e il mito del linguaggio perfetto 2014 M. D'Agostino + Book Part (author) -
A logical calculus for controlled monotonicity 2014 M. D'Agostino + Article (author) -
Analytic Inference and the Informational Meaning of the Logical Operators 2014 M. D'Agostino Article (author) -
Informational semantics, non-deterministic matrices and feasible deduction 2014 M. D'Agostino Article (author) -
Towards a more realistic theory of semantic information 2015 M. D'AgostinoL. Floridi Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 46
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