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Lack of allostimulatory activity from dendritic cells obtained with IL-6 plus thrombopoietin 2002 S. NicolaM. VaccariM.L. VillaS. Della Bella + Article (author) -
Flow cytometric evaluation of peripheral blood dendritic cells in mediterranean Kaposi's sarcoma 2002 S. Della BellaM. VaccariS. NicolaE. BertiM.L. Villa + Article (author) -
Cytofluorimetric evaluation of peripheral blood dendritic cells in patients with Mediterranean Kaposi’s sarcoma 2003 M. VaccariS. Della BellaS. NicolaE. BertiM.L. Villa + Article (author) -
Altered maturation of peripheral blood dendritic cells in patients with breast cancer 2003 S. Della BellaM. VaccariS. NicolaA. RivaM. ClericiM.L. Villa + Article (author) -
TRIM5α does not affect simian immunodeficiency virus SIV mac251 replication in vaccinated or unvaccinated Indian Rhesus Macaques following intrarectal challenge exposure 2011 C. FeniziaCORNARA, STEFANOM. Vaccari + Article (author) -
Fatal pancreatitis in simian immunodeficiency virus SIV mac251-infected macaques treated with 2',3'-dideoxyinosine and stavudine following cytotoxic-T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase blockade 2012 M. VaccariC. Fenizia + Article (author) -
Glucocorticoids upregulate decreased IL-7 receptor expression in asthmatic patients and simian immunodeficiency virus-infected non-human primates 2013 M. VaccariC. Fenizia + Article (author) -
Protection afforded by an HIV vaccine candidate in macaques depends on the dose of SIVmac251 at challenge exposure 2013 M. VaccariC. Fenizia + Article (author) -
Antibodies with high avidity to the gp120 envelope protein in protection from simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251 acquisition in an immunization regimen that mimics the RV-144 thai trial 2013 M. VaccariC. Fenizia + Article (author) -
Transient increase of interferon-stimulated genes and no clinical benefit by chloroquine treatment during acute simian immunodeficiency virus infection of macaques 2014 M. VaccariC. Fenizia + Article (author) -
Antiretroviral therapy partly reverses the systemic and mucosal distribution of NK cell subsets that is altered by SIVmac251 infection of macaques 2014 VACCARI, MONICASCHIFANELLA, LUCA + Article (author) -
Glucocorticoid treatment at moderate doses of SIVmac251-infected rhesus macaques decreases the frequency of circulating CD14+CD16++ monocytes but does not alter the tissue virus reservoir 2015 M. VaccariC. Fenizia + Article (author) -
Regulatory and Helper Follicular T Cells and Antibody Avidity to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Glycoprotein 120 2015 F. CaccuriL. SchifanellaC. FeniziaM. Vaccari + Article (author) -
Boosting of ALVAC-SIV vaccine-primed macaques with the CD4-SIVgp120 fusion protein elicits antibodies to V2 associated with a decreased risk of SIVmac251 acquisition 2016 M. VaccariL. Schifanella + Article (author) -
Adjuvant-dependent innate and adaptive immune signatures of risk of SIVmac251 acquisition 2016 M. VaccariL. SchifanellaF. CaccuriM. BissaFERRARI, MARIA GRAZIELLA + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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