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On the role of the 2Fe-2S cluster in the formation of the structure of spinach ferredoxin 1986 Pagani S.Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
A spectrofluorimetric approach to the estimation of the surface hydrophobicity modifications in milk proteins upon thermal treatment 1988 F. BonomiS. IamettiE. Pagliarini + Article (author) -
Transmembrane mobility of the physiologic dithiol D,L-dihydrolipoate 1989 Pagani S.Iametti S.Cervato G.Cestaro B. Article (author) -
An analytical approach to the evaluation of heat damage in commercial milks 1990 E. PagliariniS. IamettiC. PeriF. Bonomi Article (author) -
A study of surface hydrophobicity of milk proteins during enzymatic coagulation and curd hardening 1990 C. PeriE. PagliariniS. IamettiF. Bonomi Article (author) -
A new synthetic method for MS42- (M Mo, W). Evidence for catalysis of aqueous MO42-/MS42- interconversion by thiols 1992 Bonomi F.Iametti S. + Article (author) -
Surface Hydrophobicity Changes and Heat-Induced Modifications of alpha-Lactalbumin 1992 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Acceleration by Fe(II) of thiomolybdate formation from aqueous molybdate and sulfide. A simplified synthesis of [Fe(MoS4)2]3- 1992 Bonomi F.Iametti S. + Article (author) -
Thermal sensitivity of mare's milk proteins 1994 F. BonomiS. IamettiE. Pagliarini + Article (author) -
Reversible and irreversible modifications of beta-lactoglobulin upon exposure to heat 1994 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Modifications of high-order structures upon heating of β-Lactoglobulin : dependence on the protein concentration 1995 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Modifications in disulfide reactivity of milk induced by different pasteurization conditions 1996 Bonomi F.Iametti S. + Article (author) -
Chemical composition and functional properties of ovine rennet whey and deproteinized whey 1996 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Modifications occur at different structural levels during the heat denaturation of β-lactoglobulin 1996 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Reversible, Non-Denaturing Metal Substitution in Bovine Adrenodoxin and Spinach Ferredoxin and the Different Reactivities of [2Fe-2S]-Cluster-Containing Proteins 1996 S. IamettiE. RaggF. Bonomi + Article (author) -
Pro108 is important for folding and stabilization of adrenal ferredoxin, but does not influence the functional properties of the protein 1997 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Surface properties of the fat globule in treated creams 1997 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Molecular Modifications of β-Lactoglobulin upon Exposure to High Pressure 1997 Iametti S. + Article (author) -
Macroscopic and Structural Consequences of High-Pressure Treatment of Ovalbumin Solutions 1998 Iametti S.Bonomi F. + Article (author) -
Aggregation of Proteins in Whey from Raw and Heat-Processed Milk: Formation of Soluble Macroaggregates and Nutritional Consequences 1998 Bonomi F.Iametti S. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 383
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