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Test delle matrici: velocità e accuratezza della ricerca visiva nel corso dell’invecchiamento 1-gen-2007 C. AbbateC. Vergani + Article (author) -
The contribution of cerebro-vascular pathology to the pattern of cognitive functioning in elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) 1-mag-2008 L. BergamaschiniMOSCA, GIACOMOC. AbbateA. CasèC. BilottaC. Vergani + Article (author) -
La disfunzione esecutiva come fattore di rischio per conversione in demenza nei soggetti anziani con deficit mnesico 1-ott-2008 C. AbbateL. BagnaraC. VerganiL. Bergamaschini + Article (author) -
Ruolo della vasoreattività cerebrale, studiata col doppler transcranico, nella patogenesi della compromissione cognitiva in soggetti anziani affetti da Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) 1-ott-2008 A. CasèG. MoscaC. AbbateCASTELLI, MANUELA MARIA ENRICAC. VerganiL. Bergamaschini + Article (author) -
Autonomic dysfunction in mild cognitive impairment : Evidence from power spectral analysis of heart rate variability in a cross-sectional case-control study 1-gen-2014 P. NicoliniM.M. CiullaG. MalfattoC. AbbateD. MariF. MagriniF. Lombardi + Article (author) -
Phenotypic variability associated with the C9ORF72 hexanucleotide repeat expansion : a sporadic case of frontotemporal lobar degeneration with prodromal hyposmia and predominant semantic deficits 1-gen-2014 C. AbbateB. ArosioD. GalimbertiLO RUSSO, CHIARAE. FerriC. GussagoC. FenoglioM. SerpenteE. ScarpiniD. Mari + Article (author) -
Different Aaenosine A2A receptor expression in peripheral cells from elderly patients with vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease 1-gen-2014 C. GussagoB. ArosioM. CasatiE. FerriE. TedoneP. NicoliniC. AbbateD. Mari + Article (author) -
Incomplete penetrance of the C9ORF72 hexanucleotide repeat expansions : Frequency in a cohort of geriatric non-demented subjects 1-gen-2014 D. GalimbertiB. ArosioC. FenoglioM. SerpenteR. BonsiC. AbbateD. MariE. Scarpini + Article (author) -
MCI a verosimile fenotipo FTD: un caso clinico ad esordio tardivo 1-apr-2014 Sarah DamantiROMANO, FEDERICA YLENIAGiuseppina Luisa SchincoCarlo AbbateAlessandra PortaDaniela Mari + Conference Object -
Age-related hearing loss and cognitive decline: the effect of hearning Aids 1-mag-2015 F. Di BerardinoC. AbbateA. Cesarani + Article (author) -
Depression or prodromal fronto-temporal dementia? 1-gen-2016 S. DamantiROMANO, FEDERICA YLENIAC. AbbateD. MariM. Marcucci + Article (author) -
Gene promoter methylation and expression of Pin1 differ between patients with frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease 15-mar-2016 E. FerriB. ArosioD. GalimbertiC. GussagoM. CasatiC. FenoglioC. AbbateE. ScarpiniD. Mari + Article (author) -
Reversible Parkinson's Dementia associated with withdrawal of androgen-deprivation therapy for prostate cancer 26-ago-2016 C. AbbateS. DamantiC. ZappaB. ArosioD. MariM.A. De Riz + Article (author) -
Adenosine Type A2A Receptor in Peripheral Cell from Patients with Alzheimer's Disease, Vascular Dementia, and Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus : A New/Old Potential Target 6-set-2016 B. ArosioM. CasatiC. GussagoE. FerriC. AbbateV. ScortichiniE. ColomboD. Mari + Article (author) -
Familial late-onset Alzheimer's disease: description of an Italian family with four affected siblings and one case of early-onset dementia in the preceding generation 1-ott-2016 C. AbbateB. ArosioN. VitiC. GussagoE. FerriM. CasatiA. CasèL. BergamaschiniC. VerganiD. Mari + Article (author) -
Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis: Discrepancy between Clinical, Neuroimaging, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers Criteria in an Italian Cohort of Geriatric Outpatients: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Study 1-gen-2017 DOLCI, GIULIA ANNA MARIAS. DamantiSCORTICHINI, VALERIAC. AbbateB. ArosioD. MariA. ArighiG.G. FumagalliE.A. ScarpiniM. Marcucci + Article (author) -
Increased expression of TREM2 in peripheral cells from mild cognitive impairment patients that progress into Alzheimer's disease 27-gen-2018 CASATI, MARTINAE. FerriC. GussagoC. AbbateD. MariM. CesariB. Arosio + Article (author) -
A posterior variant of corticobasal syndrome : evidence from a longitudinal study of cognitive and functional status in a single case 1-mar-2018 C. AbbateD. MariB. Arosio + Article (author) -
Validity of digital Trail Making Test and Bells Test in elderlies 1-giu-2018 Matteo LupertoKatia DanieleNicola BasilicoCarlo AbbateSarah DamantiDaniela MariMatteo CesariNunzio Alberto Borghese + Conference Object -
Behaviour disorder caused by Cushing's syndrome in an older person 10-lug-2018 Damanti, SAbbate, CChiodini, ICesari, MNestola, TBelloni, GMandelli, CMari, D + Article (author) -
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