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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
A markerless estimation of the ankle–foot complex 2D kinematics during stance 1-gen-2011 E. Surer + Article (author) -
The association between impaired turning and normal straight walking in Parkinson's disease 1-gen-2007 P. CrennaR. Nemni + Article (author) -
Balance and mobility assessment for ruling-out the peripheral neuropathy of the lower limbs in older adults 1-ott-2016 A. CaronniA. M. Previtera + Article (author) -
Balance function in patients with Williams syndrome 1-gen-2013 S. BarozziD. SoiF. Di BerardinoA. Cesarani + Article (author) -
Body center of mass trajectory and mechanical energy using inertial sensors: a feasible stride? 1-lug-2020 Pavei, Gaspare + Article (author) -
Centre of mass motion during stair negotiation in young and older men 1-set-2007 A.E. Minetti + Article (author) -
Changes in gait parameters from self selected to fast gait velocity before and after task-oriented biofeedback, compared to healthy controls 1-apr-2011 Cattaneo D + Article (author) -
Clinical validity of novel postural stabilization experimental indices based on hyperbolic transformation 1-gen-2019 Cattaneo D + Article (author) -
Control data collection for the analysis of staircase climbing in patients affected by orthopaedic diseases 1-set-2019 V. FarinelliV. Sansone + Article (author) -
Core muscles thickness is not associated with knee frontal plane projection angle during single-leg squat in healthy people 1-gen-2020 Rabello da Silva R. + Article (author) -
Corrigendum to "The use of rubber foam pads and "sensory ratios" to reduce variability in static posturography assessment" [Gait Posture 29 (2009) 158-160] (DOI:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2008.08.006) 1-gen-2010 Di Berardino F.Filipponi E.Barozzi S.Alpini D.Cesarani A. + Article (author) -
Criterion validity of the instrumented Timed Up and Go test: A partial least square regression study 1-gen-2018 Caronni A. + Article (author) -
Development of a new instrumented system for evaluating the “stair negotiation” based on inertial sensors 1-ago-2014 Cattaneo, D. + Article (author) -
An easily applicable method to analyse the ankle-foot power absorption and production during walking 1-giu-2019 Farinelli V. + Article (author) -
Effect of high-heeled shoes on three-dimensional body CoM displacement during walking 1-apr-2012 A. MapelliF.V. SidequerskyI. AnnoniC. Sforza + Article (author) -
Effects of robotic-driven gait orthosis treadmill training on the autonomic response in rehabilitation-responsive stroke and cervical spondylotic myelopathy patients 1-gen-2010 M. TurielA. Porta + Article (author) -
Effects of varus knee alignment on gait biomechanics and lower limb muscle activity in boys : A cross sectional study 1-gen-2019 Zago M. + Article (author) -
Evaluation of the autonomic response in healthy subjects during treadmill training with assistance of a robot-driven gait orthosis 1-gen-2009 A. PortaM. Turiel + Article (author) -
Evaluation of the initiation of level walking and stair ascending in Parkinson's disease: An instrumented method based on inertial sensors 1-gen-2015 Cattaneo, D. + Article (author) -
Fall risk after stroke: Do stabilometric measures add to the predictive value of clinical information? 1-apr-2012 Cattaneo D + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 58
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