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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Adjustable gastric banding for morbid obesity : results and complications 1-gen-2006 G. MichelettoG. RoviaroE. MozziS BRESSANI DOLDI + Article (author) -
Advice of General Practitioner, of Surgeon, of Endocrinologist, and Self-determination: the Italian Road to Bariatric Surgery 1-giu-2022 Pontiroli A. E.Cannavale G.Pinna F.De Carli S. M.Cesana G.Procopio C.Giovanelli A.Micheletto G.Malavazos A.Panizzo V.Foschi D.Saibene A.Testa S.Mozzi E.Bruni V.Spagnolo G.Casella G.Russo B.Tagliabue E. + Article (author) -
An unusual complication of gastric banding : recurrent small bowel obstruction caused by the connecting tube 1-lug-2006 E. MozziM. FranceseI. AntoniniS. RadaelliG. Roviaro + Article (author) -
Band erosion : our experience with gastroscopic band removal 1-gen-2007 E. MozziI. AntoniniP. BoatiS. BadialiG.C. Roviaro + Article (author) -
Band erosion following gastric banding : how to treat it 1-gen-2007 E. MozziG. FicheraI. AntoniniS. RadaelliG. Roviaro + Article (author) -
"Banded bypass": the way to go? 1-gen-2013 FORMISANO, GIAMPAOLO + Article (author) -
Bariatric Surgery to Reduce Mortality in US Adults. A Public Health Perspective from the Analysis of the American National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Linked to the US Mortality Register 1-gen-2018 Rausa E.Malavazos A. E.Bonavina L.Ricci C. + Article (author) -
Bariatric Surgery Worldwide 2013 1-gen-2015 FORMISANO, GIAMPAOLO + Article (author) -
The bilio-intestinal bypass 1-apr-2006 G. MichelettoG.C. RoviaroE.S.M. MozziS. Bressani Doldi + Article (author) -
BILIOINTESTINAL BYPASS: OPEN AND LAPARO- SCOPIC APPROACH 1-gen-2004 G. MichelettoE. Mozzi + Article (author) -
Bioenterics intragastric balloon : 7 years experience 1-gen-2006 G. RoviaroE. MozziS. Bressani Doldi + Article (author) -
BMI: the Weakness of a Milestone in Obesity Management and Treatment 1-gen-2015 L. BoniG. Dionigi + Article (author) -
Changes in lipid levels with percent of weight loss in morbid obesity 1-ott-2001 P. PizzocriF. FolliA.E. Pontiroli + Article (author) -
Comment on "Shorten than 24-h Hospital Stay for Sleeve Gastrectomy Is Safe and Feasible" 1-gen-2016 Dionigi, Gianlorenzo + Article (author) -
Comparative Analysis of Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Gastric Banding and vs. Gastric Bypass in BMI < 35 1-gen-2013 Formisano G + Article (author) -
Comparison of Excess Weight Loss and Body Composition Between Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients Following Gastic Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy 1-gen-2012 Formisano G + Article (author) -
Concurrent Band and Tube Migration Following Acute Pancreatitis 1-mar-2008 E. MozziI. AntoniniP. BoatiS. BadialiG. Roviaro + Article (author) -
Conversion to Lap-band fom other restrictive or malabsorptive bariatric procedure. A retrospective multicentre study 1-apr-2008 G. MichelettoS. Bressani Doldi + Article (author) -
Does C-Reactive Protein Day 1 Post-Surgery Have a Predictive Role for Postoperative Complications: Reply 1-gen-2020 Bona D.Micheletto G.Aiolfi A. + Article (author) -
Does C-reactive protein have a predictive role in the early diagnosis of postoperative complications after bariatric surgery? Systematic review and bayesian meta-analysis 22-giu-2019 Bona D.Micheletto G.Panizzo V.Rausa E.Aiolfi A. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 83
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