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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Atopic dermatitis: A conjoint analysis pilot study 1-gen-2005 C. Gelmetti + Article (author) -
Care givers' willingness to pay for different characteristics of the atopic treatment 1-gen-2006 MONZINI, MARA SILVIADE PORTU, SIMONAL. ScaloneC. Gelmetti + Article (author) -
Centralized Procurement of Medical Devices In Italy: A Methodology Towards Standardized Tender Dossier 1-gen-2017 M. Marsilio + Article (author) -
Cognitive Symptoms In Major Depressive Disorder And Their Italian Psychiatrists' Perception 1-nov-2015 B.M. Dell'Osso + Article (author) -
Convergent validity and sensitivity to change of generic and disease-specific instruments used in children with atopic dermatitis 1-gen-2006 C. Gelmetti + Article (author) -
The cost of care of hemophilic patients without inhibitors : the COCHE study 1-gen-2005 P.M. MannucciM. AnastasiaA. Gringeri + Article (author) -
Development of an inhibitor-specific questionnaire for the assessment of health-related quality of life in haemophilia patients with inhibitors (INHIB-QoL) 1-gen-2013 S. RivaA. Gringeri + Article (author) -
Economic Evaluation of Tocilizumab Monotherapy Vs Adalimumab Monotherapy In Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis In Italy 1-nov-2015 Ravera, SBatticciotto, ASarzi-Puttini, P + Article (author) -
Eliciting Preferences for Clinical Follow-Up in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Using Best-Worst Scaling 1-giu-2017 L. LicitraP. Bossi + Article (author) -
The Impact of Neuromonitoring on Thyroid Surgery Costs 1-nov-2010 G. Dionigi + Article (author) -
Is management essential to improving the performance and sustainability of health care systems and organizations? A systematic review and a roadmap for future studies 1-gen-2013 F. LegaA. Prenestini + Article (author) -
Medical Costs And Resources Consumption In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: An Italian Observational Study 1-nov-2015 C. TondoG. Cesana + Article (author) -
PMS24 Osteoporosis costs in Italy. Interim results of the block study 1-nov-2010 L. Pietrogrande + Article (author) -
Quality of life in hemophilic patients without inhibitors : the COCHE study 1-gen-2005 L. ScaloneA. GringeriP.M. MannucciM. AnastasiaDI STASI, FRANCESCAL.G. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Quality of life of paediatric patients with atopic eczema and their families 1-gen-2005 C. Gelmetti + Article (author) -
Spending on Pharmeceuticals in Italy: Macro Constraints with Local Authonomy 1-gen-2003 V. Mapelli + Article (author) -
The outpatient cost of diabetes care in Italian diabetes centers 1-gen-2001 F. Parazzini + Article (author) -
Understanding Patients' Preferences: A Systematic Review of Psychological Instruments Used in Patients' Preference and Decision Studies 1-apr-2019 Faccio F.Pizzoli S. F. M.Pravettoni G. + Article (author) -
Work ability and labor supply after kindeny transplantation 1-giu-2012 L. NeriG. Costa + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 19 di 19
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